Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Identical Twin.

I know. I thought it was me for a sec too! Actually, I STILL think it's me! My friend Jocelyn sent me a text that she had found this picture of an actress from the twenties that looked exactly like me. And i was like "Is it Gidget?" cause people have said I look like Gidget from "Gidget goes to Rome" and Audrey Hepburn before too. But no, those two do not even compare. I googled some other photos of Mitzi Gaynor though, and theres only a few of them that look like me. But, holy canoli. This one seriously looks a lot like my senior school picture. This is too crazy! I have a twin! A famous one! Yip Yip!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome to your new old life.

1) I am really excited about moving HOME. I've been contimplating my options for quite some time, (at least three months) and i'm glad I finally was able to make up my mind.

my options were...
-attend UVU, USU, or THE U
-Take my friends Nanny job in New Jersey
-attend Dixie to save money
-OR. stay at SUU...
Dont get me wrong. I've really liked SUU. But I'm bad at Cedar and I'm bad at roommates and apparently I'm bad at ambassadors too because they gave me a "You're in Jeopardy" letter. But. I had talked to everyone about these options. I was so confused but my college ward bishop's words kept coming back into my mind which were simply to "keep praying" I did so, and soon after, I opened up to :
.D&C 30: 1-4.
It was amazing how every word was for me. I have such a testimony of the scriptures answering our prayers. And although I wasn't ecstatic about going to Dixie at first, I am so glad to be going home. I'll be where he wants me to be.

2)I have a new friend named Suzie. She's a nanny in New York, New York. And she is the cutest pie. We have a lot in common. She went to my friend Sam's high school.

3) I only have about a month to go until my first year of college is complete.

4) I will have been graduated from High School for one year in May. Crazy.
5) I applied at Dixie Nutrition and Pizza Factory. My two old jobs. Oh joy.
6) I need to apply for Dixie right now. And do my nutrition homework that's in front of me.
7) I've been cleaning out things like crazy and want to re arrange all the furniture in my room.
8) My friend Lanaya invited me to go to Africa to help build a school and orphanage with her for this coming fall semester. I really wanted to, but I dont know if I can save the money in time. Plus, everytime i've tried to contact her she wont answer or reply. Maybe she decided inviting me was an accident? Anyways, the point is. I DONT CARE. Because my friend Sarai and I made it our 2010 goal to do ILP. For those of you that dont know what that is, it stands for International Language Program. You can go to Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, or China for four months and teach little kids English. And we want to go to Russia. Even though my mom is freaking and saying I need to see taken so I dont want to go anymore. Sorry Mom. I'm going.
9) I know I'm not old enough yet, but I have highly considered serving a mission lately.
10) I am really LOVING the new Yeah Yeah Yeah's CD thanks to Sarai. Oh, and Ella Fitzgerald. I had been needing some new music desperately. And I'm so thankful I slurped some onto my ipod from her computer. In return I gave her a bunch of the clothes i cleaned out. It was a good trade.
11) I think the thing I will miss the most about Cedar is my job. I am an Aide/Tutor at East Elementary and it is the very best. I get paid for coloring, reading, and teaching abc's and 123's to leetle children. And sometimes I even get paid to watch them sing the "Utah" song and for watching their talent shows. I wish I could post pictures of my kindergarten class. They are such wonderful souls. Also I'll miss being able to visit my Grandma so much. And I'll miss having classes with my aunt. And I'll miss Sam, a little. And my friends, a little. And. hmm. Probably not the snow.
the other day my friend asked me how Cedar was.
and i said:
"Cedar is a good little town if:
A) You like Cowboys.
B) You like not having fun.
C) Your Grandma lives there.
I choose C."