Sunday, May 31, 2009


35) I am thankful that church starts at more than one time, so you can find a farewell or ward to go to if you accidentally sleep in.
36) I am thankful for Ryan Olsens farewell talk today.
37) I am thankful that they still have firesides in the tabernacle. its real pretty in there.
38) I am thankful that Van pointed out the faux-hawk kid today and giggled with glee at him.
39) I'm thankful thatI gave Chelsey and Erin a ride to the fireside. they are sweet souls.
40) I'm thankful that Sarai knew we were going to the fireside, and that she brought her ipod since i forgot mine. I'm also greatful that her skirt had a pocket to hold my keys.
41) I am thankful that my nephew is wearing his cowboy pajamas right now, and that i only had to read ONE book tonight, instead of ten.
42) I am thankful that i get to work tomorrow.
43) I am thankful for whoever gets to steal my blood tomorrow.
44) I am thankful that my parents aren't the kind that would make me help pay for my surgery, and that when i offered to pitch in, they laughed like i was joking.
45) I am thankful for the song "what i'd say" by ray charles.

I want to keep going.

1) I am thankful for days like today. Garage Saleing, Farmers Market, Consignment Store, a "Lets go swimming." Making a little money, and then a surprise dessert.
2) I am thankful that I drove home from work and dessert with the windows down jamming out to Ray Charles. So grand. SO grand. I love it when the esteegee air gets in your windows and tossles your hair a bit.
4) I am thankful for Mckenna Shay Mackelprang.
5) I am thankful for the song "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay.
6) I am thankful for letters. missionary letters. letters of love. letters of recommendation. thank you notes. etc.
7) I am thankful that my dad is growing his mustache back.
8) I am greatful for burts bees facewash.
9) I am greatful for hug smells. This might not make any sense to you, but when you hug someone, and they smell the same all the time? and everyone has their own smell? ahhh...mmm bliss. love it.
10) I am thankful that I got to help babysit my nephews this week.
11) I am thankful for the time I have been able to spend wth my family lately.
12) I am thankful for nightgowns. Especially magic ones.
13) I am thankful for boots that fit me.
14) I am thankful that the kid at the farmers market was way excited about selling me and sarai some matches. I almost felt bad for not buying any, and for laughing at him a bit afterwards.
15) I am greatful for the talents of others. I've always felt like I haven't found "MY THING" and it sucks. But I'm glad other people have theirs.
16) I am greatful for the word lovely. My mom usually uses it sarcastically. but i think that being called lovely is one of the best compliments a girl can get. "you're lovely" in a manly voice is just, ah. soo good!
17) I am greatful for my little defamsbue, Sarai Trueblood.
18) I am greatful that me and Tif are friends no matter what. Probably because we aren't friends, were sisters.
19) I am thankful that linds and han get home soon so they can tell me about their china adventures.
20) I am thankful for my said China adventure, awaiting to happen for me next year.
21) I am thankful for real love.
22) I am thankful for my hammock. Sometimes I think i could just stay there for my whole life. But then I finally get out and do something productive.
23) I am greatful that Sarai's mom can wear a bikini and look good in it.
24) I am greatful for beautiful movies. That are just pretty to look at because of the way they're filmed. Like Amelie and The Village, etc.
25) I am greatful that I get to get surgery on Wednesday. I want to know what this pain really is, and i'm glad to live in a time where we have the technology to find out so.
26) I'm thankful I was born in 1989. I always wish I could live in the fortys or fifties. And sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a pioneer. And then I start thinking about it and realize that I'm thankful for the time that I am allowed to be here. I am here at the time I'm supposed to be. My p-blessing even says so. That I was held in the heavens for thousands of years, just waiting. And I am so glad. I love this world, so much, so far.
27) I am thankful that i can sing. and that anyone can sing. today when i turned off my car to get gas, i just continued singing out loud as I filled my car up, not caring who heard me. who cares who thinks you can sing or not. SING!
28) I am thankful for debit cards. It makes getting gas less creepy.
29) I am greatful I got to cuddle with Carlie at Ben's Farewell. And that I got to see long lost friends like Sabrina.
30) I am so greatful for Missionaries. MAYBE I'll be one someday. I hear I am one. But I dont feel like a legit one. It just feels so good to spread the good news.
31) I am thankful Ricky let me borrow "The Message" even though it sorta creeped me out last night.
32) I am thankful for light. the light that i can flip on, and the light that is in every one of us. the light that radiates from the sun. the light from the computer screen that helps me type one of these :) instead of one of these :(
33) I am greatful that my nephew is either a cowboy or some type of animal, and not a nephew.
34) I am greatful that I have a really friendly niece who says hi to everyone and calls me "SEETA"

46) I am greatful that I have a nephew who doesent really understand what I say to him, cause when I do say stuff to him its usually a kind insult. like: "Hello little nerd nugget"
47) I am greatful that I have a wussy little nephew that I am going to make stronger by repeatedly beating him up. Not for reals, guys. I just finally have kids to pick on!
48) I am greatful for the twins. They are leetle gems from heaven. Seriously. Even when they cry its cute.
49) I am greatful that I have another niece on the way. I swear theres always another baby on the way.
50) Woah. This was REALLY easy today. I am thankful that Tif inspired me to do this. I want to keep going.

3) I am greatful for mistakes. Because you get to learn from them, even if they are your favorite number.

woah. its pretty late and I'm apparently tired. I did go to kindergarten guys, and I CAN count. But i totally forgot 35-45. No wonder it was so easy. I blame it partly on the darkness and not being able to see the keyboard. At least I'm thankful right? We'll make a deal. I'll do 35- 45 tomorrow, when i'm not senile.

Friday, May 15, 2009


it turns out i will be getting surgery on June 3rd.

good thing 3 is my lucky number!

anyhew, it will just in a in and out scope surgery, so i wont be admitted to the hospital.

but I will still accept flowers and get well cards :)

thanks to everyone for their concern and support.

over and out from my computer to yours.

2:23 a.m.

is when I returned from the ER this morning.

the date is 5-15-2009. I hate fives. I really do. See what I mean?

It all started the other morning when i woke up with a horrible pain in my left side. But I guess that's not where it really started. I've had this pain before. I had an ultrasound for it like two or three years ago. Nothing found. I had it in Salt Lake a year ago and they took an x-ray and said it was a poop blockage and gave me a laxative for it. Thank you sir, but pooping all night apparently did not help.

So. I get this sharp, "worst pain of my life" pain again.

I'd just been taking advil so i could function and go to work, but last night things got real bad.

My mom went to go swimming with her little lady friend. The pain got significantly stronger while she was gone, so my Dad called a doctor in our ward, and he said to take me to the night light doctor (which is where little kids go to the doctor) to take a pee sample.

Good news. My pee was regular type. But they gave me a paper to get an ultrasound.

So. We drove around for a bit. We were gonna go to the ER and get it done, but dad said it was expensive and I wasn't in a lot of pain at the time.

So we went home.

Then i had the pain really strong again. After whining like a baby and doubling over in my bed for about a half an hour, my mom decided we were heading back to the ER.

I took my phone, a blankie, and a cup of water. Ha.

If you've never been to the ER, its not a REAL fun place. But its not as bad as people make it sound. I always pictured it with people bleeding everywhere waiting in long lines. But. I conveniently got there around midnight, so there was only us, some fresh prince of bel-air, and one other man friend in the waiting room.

They took me in, got my info, gave me an armband, and put me in a little room where i got to pee in a cup again AND got a way sweet hospital gown to change into. Then a little nurse man walked into the room and asked me some questions and took my temp. Then the actual doctor came in, asked questions, and decided to poke around on my belly. After he hit my feet, he came to the conclusion that this was not anything to do with bowels. He was nice enough to get me some drugs for the pain, and proceed with an ultrasound. Then he dissapeared forever and a younger little lady with marlin monroe scrubs and pink hair extentions came in to steal some of my blood and put an IV tube in me.

Keep in mind there are long amounts of time between me seeing these humans. During these times, I was usually hugging a pillow or asking my parents if they were having more fun than me.

Finally, a new lady in turqoiuse scrubs and long streaked hair came and took me away for a wheelchair ride to the ultrasound room. She started doing a regular ultrasound, but couldn't see anything because I hadn't drank enough water. (because of doctors orders) So, she asked if we could do a vaginal ultrasound. "eeeeeep. alright" I said, not caring what the poo they did to me as long as they figured out what the crap was wrong with me. So. She told me this thing she was about to stick in me was like a tampon. And I asked if I could see it. Folks, this was like no tampon I have ever seen before. No. This was like a giraffe head. A giraffe head plus a neck. Needless to say, she got some wonderful photos of my ovaries. And it was not the funnest experience of my life. But I still really appreciate that lady, and I told her so.

After she gave me another ride back into the little closet room where my parents were waiting, we did just that. Waited. And waited. Oh. And then we waited a little longer. We all almost fell asleep. It WAS around 2 a.m., afterall.

After a ka-jillion years, the doctor came back in. It turns out, I had a cyst on my ovary that burst, a swollen fallopian tube, and fluid in my pelvis. So, I get to go to the lady doctor for the first time today and I get to take the day off work for free. probono.

On a side note, I've had this song in my head for the past two days. I even hummed it on the way to the hospital. I love the part where she walks out of the building and theres colorful smoke and balloons everywhere. I hope this is the one that bleeps out the f word. Sorry if it isnt.

Anyways, happy day. I hope I dont have to get surgery next week. But if I do, I'll let you know. Sorry if this post was a little too graphic for you. Until then, love and peace from my bed.
I'll just be enjoying some good toast. Some good toast made by my mom.
I'm grateful for my parents, by the way. I thanked them for being my parents a lot last night.
and I'm also greatful for doctors. Even though they poke you.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

to be thank-full.

1) i am thankful that Tiffani and Lindsey inspired me to make this list.
2) i am thankful for advil. especially today.
3) i am thankful that I have a job. and that i got it so easily. and that the other ones didn't work out because they weren't supposed to.
4) i am thankful that I lived in Cedar once. i probably wont ever live there again, but i am thankful that I experienced living away from home, although it was not far. I realized how much my parents do for me, and how much i can do on my own. i realized what true friends are. And I also learned that sometimes your aunt and your grandma are the best friends you can ever have.
5)i am grateful for Mrs. Lee at East Elementary.
6)i am thankful for Sarai Michelle Trueblood.
7)i am thankful for Ricky Valadez. and for him giving me his sweet tye dye shirt.Right off of his back. Dont worry. He changed into another shirt.
8)i am thankful that i got to meet Bob and Lee at Dennys.
9)i am greatful that i get to pray. anytime. anyday. and know that I will get an answer whether i get that answer in the way i would like to or not.
10)i am thankful that the ILP program exists. and for my plans to participate next year.
11)i am thankful i got to go to Europe last year.
12)i'm thankful that i'm lucky enough to be educated and attend cool-lege.
13)i am greatful for my family. i dont even think they know how greatful i am for them. but. i am.
14)i am greatful for the "relationships" i've had with boys. They have taught me a lot about what I do and dont want in my husband. and they've taught me a lot about myself.
15)i'm so grateful that ice cream exists.
16)i'm grateful for water. I feel like its never going to stop coming. but someday, it probably will. i'm thankful that day is not today.
17)i am thankful for all my nieces and nephews. i love being an auntie. good work with the reproduction brothers and sisters! -Linds
18)i'm grateful for good music. and that there's still good people out there who make it.
19)I'm grateful for technology. i love typing and texting. So much. I also love not having to ride a horse to my friends house. although that actually might be kinda fun.
20)i am thankful for swings.
21)i am thankful for running. and that my body allows me to do so.
22)i am grateful for my car. Roxanne. she listens to me sing and puts up with me. everyday. and she's kept me safe thus far. knock on wood.
23)i am thankful for friendships that last a lifetime.
24)i am thankful I graduated from high school.
25)i am grateful for missionaries.
26)i am thankful that Chelsea Bryant put up with me for a year. I love her even though she told me I'll never find a husband that's patient enough for me.
27)i am thankful for the magic that happens to me and Sarai everytime we hang out. It doesent even matter what we do. Theres always magic.
28)i am thankful for shoes. i love shoes.
29)i am thankful for sunny summer days in the esteegee. The kind of sun you can feel soaking into your skin.
30)i am thankful for the zits upon my face. maybe they're supposed to keep me from being prideful.
31)i am grateful for churches, and the smell in them. one of my very most favorite smells is that old wood/crayons from the nursery smell when you walk in old stake centers.
31)I am grateful for babies. and how all of their freshness reminds us of how pure our heavenly fathers love is. i'm especially grateful for the smell of their heads. I swear that smell is the best smell in the world.
32)i am grateful I get to be a mother someday.
33)i am grateful that my mother cared enough about me to take care of herself, so i can be here. i love living so much. and i owe most of it to her.
34)i am grateful for my dad. he's such a good guy under all that huffy puffy mustache.
35)i am grateful for my brother. he's all grown up now, it seems. not my funny older brother he once was. but, he's grown up. and it shows on his face and in all that he does for his family.
36)i am greatful for my oldest sister. i'm grateful that she called me today when i was hurting. i'm grateful for her listening to me through my tears. and i'm grateful for her example of love. everyday.
37)i am grateful for my sister kylee. i dont know anyone thats more creative than her. she never gives up at anything, and she'll tell you to do the same.
38)i am SO grateful for photographs.
39)i am grateful that my mom just walked in the door from the grocery store and yelled: "krista!" "how are you now?"
40)i am grateful that i responded "I'm okay!"
41)i am grateful that Micheal Cooper wants to be my friend lately.
42)i am grateful i get to be on Dixie State Student Government. No matter how awkward cabin retreats can be, i know i will learn something from it. why else would i have made it?
43)I'm grateful for the song I'm listening to.
44)i am grateful that i get to see this world in colors. i love colors. especially green.
45)lately i've been complaining about how many clothes i have. but i am grateful for the collection i have. i am lucky to have clothes. i really am.
46)i am grateful for the people that are so happy even when they have next to nothing. i want to give all of those people my clothes, in exchange for a smile like theirs.
47)i am greatful that my parents were willing to take me back into their home. not that they wouldn't have. i've just heard of people that aren't allowed once they move out. not my parents. they'd have me here forever if they could. too bad.
48)i am grateful that upstairs is a food full of fridge. now. i was gonna change that because i typed it wrong. but i sorta like it. take that!
49)I am so greatful for love. Everything that happens both good and bad is because of LOVE.
50)I am grateful that I got to hear the prophet speak at SUU's commencement earlier this month. in real life. i am greatful that he said:

"If you want to live a happy successful life, you must learn to love people and use things. Never love things and use people."

51)I'm also greatful that he ended his talk by saying "safe journey, safe journey."

52)i am grateful that i'm pretty sure there's two ways to spell greatful.

53)i am greatful it was easy to make it past fifty.

boom ska doo- boo ya!

your turn!