Saturday, July 25, 2009

California Adventures.

me and the prego.
nuggie poo.

and there was a lizard in my sisters kitchen light?

Woot Fireworks! My dad's calf muscle looks way good in this one.
she loves fireworks.

"Come and open up your, folding chair, next to me.

My feet are buried in the sand, and theres a breeze.

There's a shadow, you can see my eyes.
And the sea is just a wetter version of the skies."

so. me and my dad decided to go on a walk, and then there were a ka jillion dogs!
I spot fourteen in this picture alone. Can you find them?

San Diego in the sky.

I love my mom.

I also love my dad.

visited the castle.
rocked some coasters at knotts berry.

Our Favorite.
beach babes. including the one on the inside.

Monday, July 20, 2009


dear chinese children,

i am signed up. and i am coming. next year.

dear parents,

thanks for the good lunch. dont be scared for me to go to china.

dear sister,

have your baby. stop talking me out of china.

dear papa kay,

please fill out a reference form.

dear bishop radmall,

please fill out the other reference form.

dear cousin chelsea,

i will be at your house tonight. not to babysit, but to sit.


Saturday, July 18, 2009


I lay here thinking of the days that have passed me by. The days when I did nothing when I could have been learning, creating, doing.

I will have no more of these days.
I hate it when the summer gets the best of you.
It will never get me again.
I’m running, and I know tai bo.
I’m always thinking of what I want, when, in the end it will be what I need and I’ll realized its what I wanted in the first place.
So she says.

Like a wise jimmy johns sign once told me…
“If you do the things you need to do when you need to do them.
You can do the things you want to do when you want to do them”

I NEED to:

-because I WANT to teach leetle squinty eyed kiddos some English, and while I’m at it, I think I’ll walk on the great wall of China for a good time. I will be signed up to do so by July 30th, 2009. I NEED to get my letter of recommendation from my Bishop. Don’t let me forget.

-specifically to mark off after I have done so. Starting with July. I’ve been doing better. Why? Because reading scriptures is the BOM! Get it? Ha. So funny. Plus it brings much goodness and happiness and blessings and knowledge. Which are all things that I am in need of, always.

-because I want to keep ALL of the commandments. This ones been hard lately not because of me wanting to keep my money, but because I’ve had to wait for my records to transfer from Cedar. PLUS, I haven’t really been ‘in’ a ward because of attending farewells and such. Look at me and my excuses. Basically, I have a stack of money, and envelope with my bishop’s name on it, and transferring records. So, I just need to give the envelope to him and then it’ll all be good.

I can do this after I pay my stash. I plan on attending regularly (weekly) like I used to before moving to Cedar, because the temple is so full of goodness, happiness, and blessings. Again, I love and need all of those things.

Because even though he knows what I NEED more than I do, I just really enjoy talking to that guy. He loves me. And I owe him a daily visit to let him know how thankful I am to be so blessed with his blessings. I really have such a great life, and I should never set aside the privilege I have to talk to my Father in Heaven.

-because I don’t like it when my mom complains about it. And it just looks better clean anyways.

-that’s right. There’s more than one that I’m waiting for, probably even more than these. But these are the lucky kids on the list, that need a letter from me.
-Elder Rowley
-Elder Jackson
-Sister Garcia
-Elder Durham
-Elder Stanley
-Elder A. Olsen
and quite possibly even Elder Stucki and Elder Neilsen, if they’re as lucky as the others….J

Because its never too late to say thanks.
-Chelsea, Kim, Yujin, Grams, Sam, Tif, Sarai

9)Make my dad do FAFSA with me.
-because I want to go to school and I’d rather have the government pay for it than he and I.

10)Contact and invite more people to to stuff. Because I’m never the planner and I love making new friends and meeting new peeps.

11) COOK REALLY GOOD DINNERS. With kenna. Once a week.
-because it will totally make my husband love me more. And I want my children to enjoy good home cooked meals made by their mother. And I best start practicing now. I’m basically a cooking retard. There is so much room to improve this skill of mine.

-usually, I only write poems and thoughts and fireside/church things in my journal. I usually keep track of what I do daily in my planner. But I’ve decided to switch things up. I have a way too good of a life to not write down what happens everyday in my life. And I don’t want to forget the moments and memories I am currently having and making. They are so great. And will be even greater to look back upon. (linds han and tif inspired me to do this one, I’ve done pretty good so far!)

and those things that I need? Will be exactly what I want, because I needed them.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I just wanted you to know.

that today was a really good one.

probably way too much fun for a sabbath day.

and that i need to download pictures.
I've been having lots of good times.
so there will be more to come, soon.