Monday, July 20, 2009


dear chinese children,

i am signed up. and i am coming. next year.

dear parents,

thanks for the good lunch. dont be scared for me to go to china.

dear sister,

have your baby. stop talking me out of china.

dear papa kay,

please fill out a reference form.

dear bishop radmall,

please fill out the other reference form.

dear cousin chelsea,

i will be at your house tonight. not to babysit, but to sit.



The Jones' said...

And How excited I am for You to "sit" here while I have a nice date with my hubby!! Thank You!!

Kerrah said...

You are so cute, Chel had to call me to tell me how much she loves that you are doing that for her. And China? I think it sounds fun, scary, but fun, I'm glad you're brave enough to go on an adventure while you have a chance!!! I wish I would have been more brave when I was younger.
Love you so so so so so much!!!

Fashionably Kate said...

Guess what, I'm ALL over the place in the cyber world today.. {blame it on boring work.}

Seriously.. even though i barely know you, I'm SO SUPER excited for you to go. I'm going to live vicariously through you on your adventures, so be prepared to document when you go! ;)

p.s.. Now, don't go falling in love with some boy {yet} Trust me. I was all but signed up to go to Africa, and then fell in love with Graham, and couldn't leave him!

Hayee said...

that is great! I have not yet finalized my international adventure, but hip hip for you!