Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I know this isn't in portuguese...

but, I just sometimes don't like to post videos on my fb cause everyone steals all of my best best favorite bands. Guess I should spread the word about this classic couple somewhere, so i chose here.

Just want to dedicate this song and video to somebody that I used to know:

Someone stole him from me, at least for a little while.

I want to have a band with my husband. so, I hope he reads this someday.
We could even get famous on YOUTUBE! Like, Justin Bieber.......
or, POMPLAMOOSE! one of my very favorite bands in the world. They are actually tied with Mates of State right now, and that!

is a big deal.

i also love this one. I told my Sister, Kylee to watch it at least ten times. I hope she finally has. But if not, for her and your convenience I will post another one of my newest and favorite videos of there's.

thank you pomplamoose. I need to order their newest CD!

p.s. pomplamoose means grapefruit in FRENCH! My other and oldest sister, Kerrah, and my Dad appreciate that part.
(my dad speaks french, my sister saw it on the back of a bodywash bottle)



Thursday, November 8, 2012

Guess, what?!!??

I'm finally back!

and still figuring out stuff.

like new blogging world. ?

and,   * America. *


light switches, phones, and..... refridgerader alarms!!!!!.......hmmm??? are you speaking english?

i even spell english words wrong! crap.
next up, something in portuguese.

stay tuned.

and I LOVE CARPET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! song song song.

and another song!!!!!!!!!! that i missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

and then, my grampa's old??????

with a heating pad on my back.

i love my life.

good luck with your new and improved Brazilian exchange student!

hope you heard!!!!


.it gets down so deep in that bleeding heart of yours.



Friday, April 1, 2011

giga pet.

i've got a gig tomorrow. like a true gig with someone who's become saint george famous. she's awesome. also. hi. i'm going on a mission. where to i do not know, but i'll go where he wants me to go and be where he needs me to be i guess. like i know that i've been called to brazil buut...still no visa, so. things have been amazing lately. but in a way i cant explain nor have time to. but. i will say its nice to leave worldly things and not miss out on real life so much. sometimes i think texting and facebook makes us worry about other peoples lives more than our own. not that it's not important to care about others. also can i just tell you that you aren't stuck at your job? you can find a new one if you want. i did. its just, nice that reality has hit. i'm finally ready to take flight. also i know i don't capitalize. i like how it looks better. sorry nandy. poetic. love love, -Krista.

Monday, March 21, 2011

the man in the mirror.

popular to contrary belief:
i am alive.
i just, always find myself reading
her blog or her blog or laughing my butt off at her blog.
i somehow feel inspired and enchanted by all of your witty blogs,
but it always makes me feel like i am not as cool.
like my ramblings aren't really worth displaying on the world wide web.
i start thinking maybe i should just write them all down in my journal.
thing is, is that writing isn't something i can do well when forced.
for example, for months i haven't known how to begin my farewell talk and last night i was lying in bed trying to sleep and blam i had an idea and about 7 minutes later i had written 3 handwritten composition notebook pages of my speech. its something that comes to me sporadically. and when it does, i'd better have a pen and paper to jumble it all down. the best way i can describe it is "writers diarrhea".
when someone asks me to post something new on my blog i don't feel inspired to just post something for the heck of it. i have to be in the mood.
sometimes i feel like blogs turn into a place for people to either complain, or pretend that their life is something wonderful that it really isn't. i get sick of people begging me to "follow" their blogs, or that they're sad that their blog isn't listed in my links. what does it even mean to follow ones blog? i just want to hear about you. i want to know you, even if we don't hang out in real life. but i want to know the real you. and, if we do hang out in real life, i want to keep in touch.
i want my posts to have meaning. i don't want to brag. i don't want you to think i have the perfect life. i want to be real. i am real. and i thank you, my fellow bloggers for being real. not edited.
and so it goes:
i was driving today. and the sun was shining on the red rocks.
it looked so bright against the blue blue sky.
the rain was indecisive today.
so the clouds were bursting from the back of the rocks like a volcano erupting.
half sunny, half raining.
i took the long way home. and i was listening to
and i just couldn't help but think.
everything's just the way it should be.
i believe everything happens for a reason.
there was a snowy mountain to my right, rain spots on my windshield that i refused to swipe away, and a horse gnawing on some grass to my left. when up ahead on my right i see a biker. in an electric bright yellow jacket. and in bold green letters on his back read the word:
i know why i was meant to go this way.
nothing ever happens the same way twice.
for a second i wanted to honk and wave and shout hoorah for brazil! but he wouldn't understand why.
i know that the events that have lead me up to this very moment are for a reason. a plan. a wonderful and glorious plan that i will be sharing with the people of Sao Paulo in less than 30 days.
i am leaving this red hills blue sky place that i love so much.
a job that i absolutely love.
and parents that take care of me as if i was still a kid.
i haven't even been a drop of nervous until now.
last night i even started packing my big suitcase.
its finally hard to think of leaving. reality has hit.
i'll be home next october, that sounds like it will go by so quick.
he never said it would be easy, he said it would be worth it.
and i know without a shout of a doubt, that it will be.

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 and Beyond

G & G Smith made their grand exits.
After Gramma died in February,
all Grampa wanted was to be with her.
He got his wish in May.
I just really love this picture of them.
Isn’t she making such a Krista face?

It was around this time that I saw my dad without a mustache on his face for the first time in my whole life. I must say, I like him best with the stache!

June. My best friend got married.

Which made me the Maid Of Honor.

After the night of her reception,

I dated this handsome boy for awhile.

we had some good adventures.

but the flame sort of flickered and

I eventually made a wish and blew out the candle.

Fall is usually my favorite, but it was mostly filled with working and schooling. Nothing too exciting, except for that when Kylee came to visit we took Auri to Tarzan and to Swiss Days. But Swiss days isn’t even Swiss Days anymore because they don’t have it at the park. I will never forget sewing class and I will never forget going to lunch all the time with Erin and Mike. The best part of this semester is that it's my last one before I get my associates! yip yip hurrah! My fancy piece of paper should come in the mail someday soon!

So, by October I tried fixing things by dressing up as Michael Jackson and by consuming pb&j sandwiches.I always liked him best when he was black. It doesn’t even matter if you’re black or white. Apparently.

November equals traditional dressing and blessings as Pilgrims and Indians. Things were definitely starting to look up again.

November also equals a new little tiger Lily niece to add to my growing collection!

December. December was super busy and exciting mostly because of a very important letter I was waiting for. It finally came. On a Thursday. I’ve always liked Thursdays. I have been called to serve in the Brazil Sao Paulo East mission and I could not be happier.

In order to serve a mission, I of course had to be 21. I just want you to know that my birthday did happen this year. Mckenna took me to Vegas and I totally gambled. She is such the best friend in the whole wide world and you can read more about what we did here.

My friend Chelsea also got married and I was yet again a bridesmaid.

Christmas was fun because Kylee and her ninnies came from California again and we have been playing our new wii and Santa gave me lots of wonderful missionary things and I am going through the temple next Monday! It’s so fantastic that I can look to this upcoming year with such bright eyes. I know without a doubt that it will be so hard, but so life changing. I cant wait to see the light in people’s eyes as I testify of our Savior and let them know that they can be with their families forever. What a happy thing! Did you know that the word “Gospel” actually means “Good News”? Well. That is what I plan on doing. Spreading the good news like jam so that it gets on everybody!

And then when I get home it will be October 2012. I give myself until

.:September 21st 2013:.

Because that is the day, that I will be the Bride.

And this song will be the theme song. AND. these guys are my new favorite. Seriously.

Perfect right? You can’t even steal my plan because it is mine!

Unless you’re my husband. Then it can be your plan too. Okie?

Never was a cloudy day!


This world is our plaything. Hum on himi it!

Monday, November 22, 2010


the best and brightest oldies are praying about where i will live for a year and a half of my life!
i think they'll make a good choice.
dont you?
I'm wigging out pooing excited.
for now i wait!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm getting so good at math.

today has been thee best.
1)studying hard+prayers+trey h.+fathers blessing+miracles happen
= B- on math test!
2)brother + sister in law
= one brand new neice!
Lily pie.
Lillian Iva Smith is equal to or greater than a chubby cheeked eskimo or asian nugget.
3)Belle and Sebastian's new cd "write about love" -$10 =
I'm IN love! (still referring to cd)
3.3) two new {classy} pairs of shoes for under 20 dollars.
4)Eric Gish called Krista Smith. Out of the clear blue even. Just for a chat and to see if her number still worked. If Eric said he's coming down next weekend, will hands and bums be shook? shaken? shaked? a) yes, b) yes c) of course.
5)School Tomorrow=No Solution. Tis Career Day. With the exception that i must go to Sewing.
6)Work Today and Work Tomorrow=No Solution.
7) I'm sorry if your day wasn't the best. I happen to know some people that didn't love today. Isn't it weird how we have to trade off? kind of like cross multiplying!
x = bishop interview complete y= awaiting stake interview z=infinite solutions
Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that today is and was great and its really important; because lately I havent felt like things are great, but they totally are! I hope that tomorrow is better for you. And I promise if it's not, the next day will be. Or, perhaps the next day after that. Or, the next day.