Friday, April 1, 2011

giga pet.

i've got a gig tomorrow. like a true gig with someone who's become saint george famous. she's awesome. also. hi. i'm going on a mission. where to i do not know, but i'll go where he wants me to go and be where he needs me to be i guess. like i know that i've been called to brazil buut...still no visa, so. things have been amazing lately. but in a way i cant explain nor have time to. but. i will say its nice to leave worldly things and not miss out on real life so much. sometimes i think texting and facebook makes us worry about other peoples lives more than our own. not that it's not important to care about others. also can i just tell you that you aren't stuck at your job? you can find a new one if you want. i did. its just, nice that reality has hit. i'm finally ready to take flight. also i know i don't capitalize. i like how it looks better. sorry nandy. poetic. love love, -Krista.

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