Saturday, June 14, 2008

the english underground.

I eat half the food and take it back.
into the sea of green,
we ride on the track.
under oceans,
the lady is reading.
and she is sleeping.
and they are talking.
and he is kind,
to let me borrow.
the church towns pass quickly by.
i wish you were here.
here by my side.
so i listen to a song.
and think a little of love.
and think of the tower.
and the clouds there above.

In Between Things.

You know how you plan something big?

and then its over. and you dont know what to do with yourself?


i dont know what to do with myself.

i'm back from europe.

and now i have no job. and no school to attend.

so this week i've just been kinda doing whatever i want, but i feel like i should get a job. should i? I'm moving to Cedar in August, so I wonder if it would really be worth it.

I went to my cousins wedding tonight. It was weird. Shes only one year older than me! I'm getting so old! Weird. Tomorrow I'll attend the college ward for the first time, and so far I have no one to go with. I went and did baptisms for the dead this week. I think i'm going to become a regular. I also want to volunteer at the hospital to read to little kids.


what else can i do?


service at the hospital.

job? where? for a month.

scrapbook. clean.

Tuesday is my orientation to sign up for classes at SUU! crazy. I'm signed up for two so far. Education and Personal Finance. Except my math is all screwy because of my low act score, so i might have to to take a math placement test! gaaah. I hope I like it up there.

Tuesday is also the day that "Viva La Vida" comes out! Coldplays new cd. I've never really been into them. But. I bought that song on Itunes and its SO good! So i cant wait!

What did everyone get their dads for fathers day?

i got my dad some rechargeable batteries and blank cds cause i always used to used his.



happy saturday, almost sunday.

i hope this next week is more productive for me.
viva la vida.
which means.
long live life.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


so i am definately sitting in an internet cafe in switzerland right now. it reeks of smoke and theres drunk guys yelling. dont worry. im not alone. im with steph and hay. i have taken so many pictures. i cant wait to get home and download them! i have loved every second, minute of this trip. weve been to london, paris, now switzerland. and austria tomorrow! i love zou all back home and hope your all doing wonderful. when zou tzpe i love zou, the z and the y are in the opposite places than america. this keyboard is seriously crayz. crazy.

not last night, but the night before, i was on top of the eiffel tower! and today we rode the steepest train the the WORLD today up mount pilatus. (the swiss alps) we were also able to shop in lucerne today, and i got mz favorite lunch yet, a tomato basil panini. (kinda like that pizza we make kerrah) so good! and some fizzy apple juice stuff. oh man. the hills are so green and covered in clouds. when we got up there we couldnt even see down because of all the fog. its been pretty rainy in switzerland, it rained one night in paris, but other than that the weather has been PERFECT. and dont worry. im buying lots of souviners, and eating lots of ice cream.

LOTS. of ice cream.