Saturday, June 14, 2008

the english underground.

I eat half the food and take it back.
into the sea of green,
we ride on the track.
under oceans,
the lady is reading.
and she is sleeping.
and they are talking.
and he is kind,
to let me borrow.
the church towns pass quickly by.
i wish you were here.
here by my side.
so i listen to a song.
and think a little of love.
and think of the tower.
and the clouds there above.


Robyn said...

Pretty. I like this poem Krista.

my yellow balloon said...

your blog is crummy. i always think it will change-it never does.

Graham and Kate said...

I totally concur with Ky. Let's see some new post of wonderment and other such things of being young and fabulous! :)