Wednesday, September 23, 2009

so great.

!) I am greatful that I went to school today.
@) I am greatful that I live in a house that is a home.
#) I am greatful that I helped my mom make gyro chicken pita things tonight. Even though she got mad at me, they turned out really good.
$) I am greatful that my boss took the time to talk to me about being overwhelmed about school and lowering my work hours.
%) I am greatful that I have a job.
^) I am greatful that I went to 25 main and the DI with the truest bloods i know, and Bryan.
&) I am greatful that I get to drive the car I drive.
*) I am greatful that I have such a good family.
() I am greatful that I live at home.
!)) I am greatful that I live in St. George. Its so pretty here.
!!) I am so greatful that its finally feeling like falltime in the esteegee.
!@) I am so greatful that Sarai took the time to come to the tutoring center today and help me with my math. We got four assignments done in like 3 hours. Not bad. Not bad at all.
!#) I am greatful that I got to spend most of yesterday with Mckenna and Adam stinking and eating weird things in Adam's apartment. Oh, and studying for family relations.
!$) I am greatful I saw Ben Stratford today. It was like he was invisible. I was leaving Suzie a message and looking at some photographs on the eccles wall and BAM! I turn around and there he is. "hello benjamin! feed me a quesadilla. or just walk and talk with me, thats cool too."
!*) I am greatful that I got to meet Chad at the tutoring center today. He was doing trigonometry, and I told him to keep making pies and square rooting them. And I think he might be my husband, but I dont know yet.
!() I am greatful that i got 99% on my last family relations test. And that i felt really good about todays.
@)) I am so greatful I finally let my pride go and went to talk to my math teacher. Thanks John.
@!) I am so greatful that I drove to Cedar on Sunday for Eric's farewell. I'm so glad that I made it safely to and from. It was so good to see everyone. I miss my cedar friends.
@@) I am greatful for Chelsea and Sam's undying friendship.
@#) I am greatful for Elder Eric Liebhardt.
@$) I am greatful for the yucky stuff. cause it makes you see the pretty stuff, and appreciate it even more.
@%) I am greatful for all the missionary letters I have that I need to reply to.
@^) I am greatful that I went to choir for a little bit today. I seriously love my choir teacher.
@&) I am so greatful that I have the gospel in my life.
@*) I am greatful for the knowledge that I am exactly where I need to be right now.
@() I am greatful for good friends to talk to.
#)) I am greaful that I wont ever have to take anatomy, because I sure dont want to.
#!) I am greatful for good parents. I think they might want me to move out again and be a big kid, but thats just too bad for now. Also, they really dont want me to move out i dont think. Then I'll cost even more money. Billions.
#@) I am greatful that I'm stepping back and thinking about my decision to got to China next year. It would be an adventure, I'm sure. And I'm all signed up. But I need to make sure that's where I need to be next year.
##) I am greatful for the money that i have. Now, its sure not a lot. But I am thankful for it.
#$) I am greatful for realizing that things aren't always as they seem.
#%) I am greatful that I sat on the lawn today and talked to Kristi Merril. And that Maddi Brown was on her way to anatomy and that she said a quick hello.
#^) I am thankful for my nanny children. They're great when they arent naughty.
37) I am so greatful for this number. It's been haunting my life so much lately. Which means good things because it is my most luckiest, favoritist number of all times.
#*) I am thankful for letting go.
#() I am thankful for this keyboard I am typing upon. I love typing.
$)) I am greatful for Miss Sarah Bibb.
$!) I am greatful for My dad just asking me to turn off the lights before I go to bed. I yelled: "love you!" But I think he was already up the stairs before he heard me.
$@) I am thankful for breathing.
$#) I am thankful for walking. I always park far away. Brian asked me why I parked so far away today and i told him it's because I like walking. And well, cause Sarai was at the academy so I just walked to 25 main. But still. The point is is that I really like to walk. And I'm thankful for being physically able to.
$$) I am thankful for writing. I dont know what I would do if i couldnt write. Probably just, DIE.
$%) I am thankful for singing. I love love love love love to sing. sing sing.
$^) I am thankful that my hair is getting a little bit longer finally.
$&) I am thankful that I'm ready to stop so I can do some homework and mostly because I dont want to get all the way to fifty, because I dont like fives.
$*) I am thankful for the opportunities that I have. I should take them more.

$() I am thankful for the thought of something new. (not to purchase)


tomorrow, is new.
yesterday is old news.

and today?

is what i've got.

%)) I am greatful that when someone asked me 'how I it went' in a text today, I replied: "SO GREAT"

you know what else? thats fifty. but you cant tell cause i purposely used symbols.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a good thing.

I am listening to Mozart.
Humm........I wonder if listening to classical music will make me more classy.

I really like my packpack. It makes me feel like a little kid again.
I'm so glad tomorrows Thursday.
I'm going to ride my bike to the Elementary.
I'm going to take my CIS test.
I'm going to do my four Math assignments.

I have tomorrow off of work.

and its such a good thing.