Wednesday, September 23, 2009

so great.

!) I am greatful that I went to school today.
@) I am greatful that I live in a house that is a home.
#) I am greatful that I helped my mom make gyro chicken pita things tonight. Even though she got mad at me, they turned out really good.
$) I am greatful that my boss took the time to talk to me about being overwhelmed about school and lowering my work hours.
%) I am greatful that I have a job.
^) I am greatful that I went to 25 main and the DI with the truest bloods i know, and Bryan.
&) I am greatful that I get to drive the car I drive.
*) I am greatful that I have such a good family.
() I am greatful that I live at home.
!)) I am greatful that I live in St. George. Its so pretty here.
!!) I am so greatful that its finally feeling like falltime in the esteegee.
!@) I am so greatful that Sarai took the time to come to the tutoring center today and help me with my math. We got four assignments done in like 3 hours. Not bad. Not bad at all.
!#) I am greatful that I got to spend most of yesterday with Mckenna and Adam stinking and eating weird things in Adam's apartment. Oh, and studying for family relations.
!$) I am greatful I saw Ben Stratford today. It was like he was invisible. I was leaving Suzie a message and looking at some photographs on the eccles wall and BAM! I turn around and there he is. "hello benjamin! feed me a quesadilla. or just walk and talk with me, thats cool too."
!*) I am greatful that I got to meet Chad at the tutoring center today. He was doing trigonometry, and I told him to keep making pies and square rooting them. And I think he might be my husband, but I dont know yet.
!() I am greatful that i got 99% on my last family relations test. And that i felt really good about todays.
@)) I am so greatful I finally let my pride go and went to talk to my math teacher. Thanks John.
@!) I am so greatful that I drove to Cedar on Sunday for Eric's farewell. I'm so glad that I made it safely to and from. It was so good to see everyone. I miss my cedar friends.
@@) I am greatful for Chelsea and Sam's undying friendship.
@#) I am greatful for Elder Eric Liebhardt.
@$) I am greatful for the yucky stuff. cause it makes you see the pretty stuff, and appreciate it even more.
@%) I am greatful for all the missionary letters I have that I need to reply to.
@^) I am greatful that I went to choir for a little bit today. I seriously love my choir teacher.
@&) I am so greatful that I have the gospel in my life.
@*) I am greatful for the knowledge that I am exactly where I need to be right now.
@() I am greatful for good friends to talk to.
#)) I am greaful that I wont ever have to take anatomy, because I sure dont want to.
#!) I am greatful for good parents. I think they might want me to move out again and be a big kid, but thats just too bad for now. Also, they really dont want me to move out i dont think. Then I'll cost even more money. Billions.
#@) I am greatful that I'm stepping back and thinking about my decision to got to China next year. It would be an adventure, I'm sure. And I'm all signed up. But I need to make sure that's where I need to be next year.
##) I am greatful for the money that i have. Now, its sure not a lot. But I am thankful for it.
#$) I am greatful for realizing that things aren't always as they seem.
#%) I am greatful that I sat on the lawn today and talked to Kristi Merril. And that Maddi Brown was on her way to anatomy and that she said a quick hello.
#^) I am thankful for my nanny children. They're great when they arent naughty.
37) I am so greatful for this number. It's been haunting my life so much lately. Which means good things because it is my most luckiest, favoritist number of all times.
#*) I am thankful for letting go.
#() I am thankful for this keyboard I am typing upon. I love typing.
$)) I am greatful for Miss Sarah Bibb.
$!) I am greatful for My dad just asking me to turn off the lights before I go to bed. I yelled: "love you!" But I think he was already up the stairs before he heard me.
$@) I am thankful for breathing.
$#) I am thankful for walking. I always park far away. Brian asked me why I parked so far away today and i told him it's because I like walking. And well, cause Sarai was at the academy so I just walked to 25 main. But still. The point is is that I really like to walk. And I'm thankful for being physically able to.
$$) I am thankful for writing. I dont know what I would do if i couldnt write. Probably just, DIE.
$%) I am thankful for singing. I love love love love love to sing. sing sing.
$^) I am thankful that my hair is getting a little bit longer finally.
$&) I am thankful that I'm ready to stop so I can do some homework and mostly because I dont want to get all the way to fifty, because I dont like fives.
$*) I am thankful for the opportunities that I have. I should take them more.

$() I am thankful for the thought of something new. (not to purchase)


tomorrow, is new.
yesterday is old news.

and today?

is what i've got.

%)) I am greatful that when someone asked me 'how I it went' in a text today, I replied: "SO GREAT"

you know what else? thats fifty. but you cant tell cause i purposely used symbols.


Kerry said...

I'm grateful for a daughter like you, who is grateful for '49 or so' things in her life. I didn't hear you as I went up the stairs, so here is my "Love you too!" and "Goodnight!"

tifsong said...

i LOVE you kristalicious. you are so great. thanks for your friendship. and your 'ttude. and your life and your love.