Saturday, December 27, 2008

I guess I've been good this year.

Cause look what Santa Brought me! He's such a good guy.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ChrisHurst is HOME!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A & E

Meet my new friends, Abbigail and Emmaline. Abby and Emmy, really. They were borned just last night around eleven fifteen! They both weighed about 5 lbs, and are both happy and healthy! Kurtis and Iva are proud little parents. My parents and I headed to the hospital around ten last night because Iva had been admitted and had had her epideral. When the little doctor lady got there, she was going to break Iva's water but decided to do an ultrasound just to be sure. Good thing she did, cause Emmy was totally flipped around again! Her head up at Iva's ribs. So, they decided to do a C-Section. That crazy Emmy! Perhaps she'll be a gymnast when she grows up, like her coolest auntie! ;) Anyhow, It wasn't long until we heard little cries in the hallway, and we were sure that the babies had good lungs. Abby had some fluid in hers, so they gave her oxygen for awhile. My eyes got all teary when Iva came out of surgery and saw Emmy for the first time. Anyhow, Ben met them this morning. I dont know how sure he is about his new little sisters, but he'll have to get used to it sometime soon! We visited this afternoon and this evening and they are seriously such good looking little girls! Since they didnt have to go through the birth canal, they have perfect little round heads, both covered in black fuzzy hair. I'm so glad to have some more little sisters! Good morning little starshines, the earth says HELLO!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dee-on-ee SeeYuh!

I went to my cute friend Dionicia Garcia's fare-thee-well today. I met her in the summertime, and she is a little dear. This photograph was after we got done swimming at the Caldwell's house. (aka Christopher Caldwells party pad, where my "sister" Tiffani's future husband lives) DEE is going to Washington DC! Thanks for letting me attend the spanish branch and sing some himnos in espanol! I love seeing all my friends go on missions, but i'm sick of all these goodbyes!

Happiest Halloweenie?

Basically, whenever I post pictures on here, my leetle blogging friends tell me that they overlap, or something. But, this was our cute college familly halloween party! My roomates are all very good looking. The blonde one is Chelsea, whom I share a room and life with. She's probably getting married soonish. Like, for reals. ;) The cute serious one is our little Asian. Her name is Yujin Jong. She used to have us call her "Kate" but she likes her real name better :) Shes always yelling things in Korean and her and her friends cook us WAAAY good food somedays. They made rusk and this good beef soup last night. And they also came over and made us this good spicy soupy chicken potato veggie stuff over rice. I used to hate the smell of her food until I tried it! Korean Ramen is way better than the salty kind here, too. Little Batgirl Kim runs SUU cross country and Track. She is a such a pretty person and she just got her haircut and a new boyfriend. :) As for me, I just go to college and dress up like flappers or superheroes on occasion.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

More than a Man. By Krista Nanette Smith

I cant help but think that the Savior is coming while I am still here on this planet in which we live.

I, have just jumped into college and it has opened my mind to things I have never thought about before.

I have learned to be a good listener. A patient person. An effective communicator, and a valuble person to society.

I have an opinion! And I have a voice! I may not use it all the time, But i think about what I say. And, I use what I say.

I was upset about the candidates for office so i was not planning on voting.

I went to vote at Crystal Inn in C-Darr, with my roommate. But, I did not have my ID and I just really mostly wanted to think a little about voting.

When My Aunt was "coincendently" voting, and my happy little middle child roomate just had a grin on her face standing in line I knew this was something that I needed to to as an American Citizen.

I have had bricks on my back. Many piles. Heaps and Bounds. My brother took them, and I am now even more excited about this fancy little ball that all of these people we know are running around on.

I have this Korean roomate. She is so sweet and cute. You must know this.

I went to a diversity panel the day after elections and the heat and the feeling in that room was so immense and beautiful and peaceful.

There was tension.

But, WE are America. And that is where we are blessed to live.

SO blessed.

There are people who would DIE to come here!

REALLY. Like Yujin! Yujin Jong!

And that, is why I voted for Sarah Palin.

As I sat on the free "internetted" crystal inn office chair, (trying to find information on something that would change my political views) I came upon a video of a little mother/cute lady named SARAH, and she was practicing her right to vote.

SHE SAID. I quote " If we dont win, I'll just be Sarah Palin from Alaska." As she said this tears almost came from her eyes. I could see the distress and grief that she had. She was worried. Worried about our struggling Nation.


I'll tell you why he won.

He represents freedom in this country. He represents the Slaves. The blacks. And everyone everywhere and inbetween things. Everyone wants peace. And everyone wants a Savior.

it reminds me of that little dance/jingle PEACE the world is round! except, you do your hands like a square, you know?

anyhow, I think. By what I know and what I have read....

that. We, as a Nation. Should support and recognize Mr. Barack Obama as our president, because he represents equals in our Nation.

I did want to vote for, and was all for PROP 8 because my sister who is close to me just moved to California.

I think that everyone needs to remember history, and how we are still making it today.

Abe Lincoln was a honest man right?

Well so is Sarah Palin, and shes also a citizen and a MOTHER.

This worlds formations, will soon be together. As one whole.

All the world really wants is PEACE, i think.

FALLtime Fever By: Krista N. Smith

between stars, and moods.
a black man.
a blonde girl.
the meaning of the word.
the other things are heard.
It's definately felt.
In this house is dwelt.
are definately a worth.
We've been here since our birth.
They bother all the days...
bug in different ways,
Issues. Problems. Relations. Debates
Decisions are what I definately HATE.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

just, dont worry about it.









Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm Krista.

1) I worry about everything.
2) I'm extremely indecisive. I wish I wasnt. I drive myself crazy. But choices are a very important part of life.
3) I can brush my teeth and put on my pajamas at the same time.
4) I have way too many clothes and shoes. Most of which I need to give to someone less fortunate than me.
) I'm a little sticious about the number five. thanks. really. honest. dont like it.
6) I ponder long about things that dont need to be pondered. Ricky says I'm a deep thinker.
7) If I'm in a big group of people, i talk loud. Just. Deal with it. And. I talk alot. I interuppt too, sorry. My thoughts jump to my tounge, and they cant wait. Or i forget what i was gonna say.
8) I used to lose things alot.But I got better at finding them. :)
9) I can sing lots of songs, and memorize lyrics easily. I have sang pretty much my whole life. And i do it because I enjoy it. I think voices are the most beautiful instrument. I think that some singers are too trained with teqnique, and lose their ability to sing with feeling. I love love to sing slash harmonize. I dislike Mr. Reimer. And I have a great LOVE for Jenny Baker, my old voice teacher. She took what he took away. And made it beautiful and happy again.
10) I took piano twice, but i never had the self discpline to practice daily. I can play the piano by EAR. easy peasy lemon squeezy. teach me a new song? please? Or even play me a song, and i'll try to figure it out.
11) I dont really like jobs, but i pretend to. I do like money, however. And being productive. and. buying things :)
12) Sometimes i drive aimlessly around. Listening to music, clearing my head. and. I sing REAL loud. but dont tell anyone.
13) I havent played my guitar. I mean MINE. in a good two years.
14) I love love love capturing moments with camera devices. I feel like they are my eyes sometimes. wait. They ARE my eyes sometimes.
15) I love being fashionably late to EVERYTHING. Something I should Probably work on...
16) Writing clears my head. I find great joy in crossing off something on a list that i accomplished. I love poetry too, it helps me get over hard things, and helps me get my thoughts down on paper/computer devices in such a powerful emotional way. Thank you Mrs. Madden. Bless you, too.
17) I like typing because i can get my thoughts down faster. I keep getting comments that I type real fast. Hopefully I get that secretary job.
18) I can write ridiculously fast.
19)I'm ansy pantsy.seriously. its bad.
20) I can make funny faces.
21) I'd rather emboider something by hand, with a needle and thread, then use the sewing machine.
22) I'm not much for small talk, if you're gonna talk to me, either make what your saying sound kind, exciting, or passionate, or i will only kinda listen.
23) I can converse with ALMOST anyone. Sharon says I'm empathetic. But really. I can get into a good deep conversation with. Your grandma? A friend. A lady at the grocery store. My cousin.
24) Sometimes. I forget to breathe. and then i remind myself and take a big breath. This happens EVERYday.
25) I dont find the word fart or poop to be gross. I actually think its quite funny. Probably from seventh grade. Ask Maddi Morrell or Taryn Weaver. They know.
26) Gymnastics is my childhood dream. I always knew i'd be in the olympics. :)
27) Soccer was fun, and still the coolest sport ever, but. I'm not aggressive enough for it. I love playing it for fun though.
28) Cross Country and Track are over rated. But you. getting the idea in your head, that your going to run three miles, and then you do. Is. A wonderful thing. A beautiful thing. I used to hate hate running. It was something I made myself like. I love it. I embrace it. It reminds to me to breathe, and it clears my head. it gets rid of my stress and my urge to hit people. period. the end.
29) I love giving out free hugs, pinching peoples cheeks, patting them on the head, and. tickling their chin.
30) My family IS crazy. But I love them. A whole heck of alot.
31) Dancing, is. a wonderful thing.
32) I am a perfect hourglass. seriously. my torso looks like a pear. My hips dont lie. Ask the guy that got fired from Stephen Wade Nissan. He'll tell you.
33) I enjoy rollerskating from time to time.
34) I dont like to be rushed. But I know i'm slow. You dont even have to tell me. I'm like a granny sometimes. I rarely do things fast. besides...type. write. and sometimes, but rarely, eat.
i am a walking contradiction. shoooot. see #2
35) I remember what people said. And I remember what I have said. It is one of my biggest pet peeves when people say I said something that i never said. DAH!
36) I hate it when people dont use their blinker when they drive. therefore, i always signal.
37) I can scrapbook, but i DO NOT enjoy it. I'd rather make someone a card.
38) People say I'm easy to read.
39) I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
40) I love running PLACES. NOT at gyms. and NOT on treadmills. thanks.
41) I dont like to hear whats going on in the world, usually. I dont watch tv. I did when i was younger, though. Allegras Window. Doug. Rugrats. Wild Thornberrys.
42) I read my horoscope often. The newspaper one.
43) I visit facebook, my sisters blog,, and MOST often.
44) My favorite scripture is D&C 68:6
45) I have a great deal of love for the book "the color code" It has changed alot of my relationships. i seriously think of, and refer to that book often.
46)I have a great new love and habit of attending the temple to do baptisms. (thanks for being a good example, and reminding me to go, Zac)
47) I will attend SUU this fall. and i'm gonna freaking love it. The word for it is gonna be FUN. That what Tif said.
48) I am a night owl. which makes me a sleeper inner. This will soon change.
49) I have a great deal of amount of love for Coach Bentley.
50) I would be dead without the good friends that I have made throughout my life.
51) My dad. is a computer nerd. He watches tv alot. And he has a mustache. he fixes various businesses computers. And builds computers out of our house. He's a good guy. Whom I love.
52) My mom. FREAKS. about EVERYTHING. Shes a little nuts, But I have a great great great BIG amount of love for that woman. Because of her, I ate. I slept. I grew. She is always giving and never taking. She is a beautiful human.
53) My oldest sister is like my nother mother. she. takes care of me. always has.
54) My big brother is a doof. he freaks. like me and my mom. But he is brilliant. and has the biggest heart. I could never do what he does.
55) My sister, the one closest in age to muah. Is my greatest example. She is seriously amazing at anything she tries, and is so creative and beautiful.
56) I have three nephews and one niece. and one...something, on the way :D
57) Tiffani Herpel. long story made short. Heavenly Father KNEW we needed each other. I'm almost one hundred percent positive that we knew each other in heaven.
58) I love learning.
59) I've never really been a good speech giver. I get nervous and emotional. EVERY TIME i bear my testimony, I cry.
60) I have a very strong passionate desire to become a teacher. A teacher of any kind, really. But mostly I want to teach 2nd grade. It is the best grade. You color. Love books. Learn to add numbers. Learn grammar. Learn the months of the year. Learn to be nice. Learn to listen. Learn that there is a big difference between boys and girls. Learn to count money? things you use for the rest of your life. love IT.
61) I have a great amount of love in my heart for Mrs. Carolanne Simkins.
62) I love to eat mint chocolate chip ice cream. the good kind.
63) I dont like to eat mushrooms.
64) i know i'm spoiled. you dont even have to tell me.
65) I've never had one specific close group of friends. I have various groups. Many of which i consider my bests.
66) People say I have alot of energy.
67) Sometimes I feel as though I am a four year old trapped in an eighteen year olds body.
68) I love MILK. I have since I was born.
69) I feel you meet everyone in your life for a reason. And they were part of your life for that moment in time, because you were supposed to learn from each other. Therefore, it takes me a long time to get over people, completely.
70) I also dont like to make goodbyes a big deal, because they usually are.
71) I like change. Even when its hard.
72) I eat/sit/lounge with my legs up.... like. up. :)
73) It doesent take alot to make me happy. My mom says I'm low matinence.
74) I love old, vintage, retro things.
75) I write down what i did, everyday. On my calendar. Even if i did nothing. I write that down.
76) I have a great love for the band Mates of State. You can hear that they love each other in their music. The beat and mood is always changing, like love. They harmonzie. They, are husband and wife. Simply.
77) Sometimes. I think of something way funny. And I start laughing uncontrollably. And people around me are like "whats yer deal?" and i tell them they wouldnt understand.
78) I have. Hypothyroidism.
79) I'm short.
80) I tend to violent sometimes. But not for reals.
81) I'm always holding a bunch a crap. Like. At school and stuff. And i always have a pen in my hand. or a pencil. And sometimes I click it. And sometimes I dont.
82) I want to be married in the temple, someday. Not, soonish, though, please.
83) I wish I wore glasses.
84) I love love.
85) Family comes first in my life. Even though it might not always seem like it, thats just the way it is.
86) I dont like mustard much, unless its a very small dot on a sandwich. But. I LOVE honey mustard. ha. and its good on sandwiches. and chicken. and salads. weird right?
87) I love curly haired children. They are the flipping cutest thing.
88) I love trees. Big ones. Good for climbing, and looking at.
89) I like hiking because it is so. chill. and you discover new places that are awesome. and lovely.
90) I want to ride my BICYCLE, I want to ride my biiiike. I want to ride my Bicycle! I want to ride it where I like. (and listen to that song while i do!)
91) I want to make a blue Ice Cream Cake with Lindsey Moultrie.
92) I drive some people nuts. I dont intend to do this.
93) People like to trick me.
94) I draw stars alot. and sign my name on various papers I come across.
95) I like HERBS better than drugs.
96) I used to watch Allegras Window, Scamper the Penguin, The little mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin like everyday. Oh and those disney sing along movies. They were rad.
97) Laughing and crying at the same time is the funniest gosh darn thing.
98) I say: WHAAT? Just, Whatevs. PFFFF. Good. Okay! Shoot. And, yes. alot.
99) I love the mountains. (ilovetherollinghills,ilovetheflowers,ilovethedaffodills,boomdeada,boomdeada,boomdeada,BOOMdeada.
ba da da
100) BOOM. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
101) I dont love board games. BORED games. get it?
102) I do what I want most of the time. When I want. But that is not always what people want.
103) I believe in Jesus Christ, and know he is my Savior. And the redeemer of this world.I know that he bled from every pore so that you and I and everyone inbetween can be happy.I love him. He's my big brother. You should too. :)
104) I love composition notebooks.
105) When I'm working on a project or homework, I like to work alone.
106) I love birds. and dogs. and cats, too.
107) My favorite actors are peirce someone and john cusak and that one kid on counte of monte cristo. and my favorite actresses? hm. kate beckinsale. sp? meg ryan. kiera. sandra bulloch. Julia Roberts. Anne Hathaway. etc.

The Castles.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


dont really like blogging, everyone.

and i dont have any friends.

i want to download some pictures.


my blog just isnt exciting me, sorry.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

the english underground.

I eat half the food and take it back.
into the sea of green,
we ride on the track.
under oceans,
the lady is reading.
and she is sleeping.
and they are talking.
and he is kind,
to let me borrow.
the church towns pass quickly by.
i wish you were here.
here by my side.
so i listen to a song.
and think a little of love.
and think of the tower.
and the clouds there above.

In Between Things.

You know how you plan something big?

and then its over. and you dont know what to do with yourself?


i dont know what to do with myself.

i'm back from europe.

and now i have no job. and no school to attend.

so this week i've just been kinda doing whatever i want, but i feel like i should get a job. should i? I'm moving to Cedar in August, so I wonder if it would really be worth it.

I went to my cousins wedding tonight. It was weird. Shes only one year older than me! I'm getting so old! Weird. Tomorrow I'll attend the college ward for the first time, and so far I have no one to go with. I went and did baptisms for the dead this week. I think i'm going to become a regular. I also want to volunteer at the hospital to read to little kids.


what else can i do?


service at the hospital.

job? where? for a month.

scrapbook. clean.

Tuesday is my orientation to sign up for classes at SUU! crazy. I'm signed up for two so far. Education and Personal Finance. Except my math is all screwy because of my low act score, so i might have to to take a math placement test! gaaah. I hope I like it up there.

Tuesday is also the day that "Viva La Vida" comes out! Coldplays new cd. I've never really been into them. But. I bought that song on Itunes and its SO good! So i cant wait!

What did everyone get their dads for fathers day?

i got my dad some rechargeable batteries and blank cds cause i always used to used his.



happy saturday, almost sunday.

i hope this next week is more productive for me.
viva la vida.
which means.
long live life.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


so i am definately sitting in an internet cafe in switzerland right now. it reeks of smoke and theres drunk guys yelling. dont worry. im not alone. im with steph and hay. i have taken so many pictures. i cant wait to get home and download them! i have loved every second, minute of this trip. weve been to london, paris, now switzerland. and austria tomorrow! i love zou all back home and hope your all doing wonderful. when zou tzpe i love zou, the z and the y are in the opposite places than america. this keyboard is seriously crayz. crazy.

not last night, but the night before, i was on top of the eiffel tower! and today we rode the steepest train the the WORLD today up mount pilatus. (the swiss alps) we were also able to shop in lucerne today, and i got mz favorite lunch yet, a tomato basil panini. (kinda like that pizza we make kerrah) so good! and some fizzy apple juice stuff. oh man. the hills are so green and covered in clouds. when we got up there we couldnt even see down because of all the fog. its been pretty rainy in switzerland, it rained one night in paris, but other than that the weather has been PERFECT. and dont worry. im buying lots of souviners, and eating lots of ice cream.

LOTS. of ice cream.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

minus the color?

minus the red eye?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Friday, May 2, 2008

The perfect day.

Me and Zachary in the Rosie Posies.

and him hanging the most dangerous hammocks on earth.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

this blogging thing.

is for old people i decided.

i really would like it.

but i dont have any friends.

hooray for being super popular.

and not being a mom yet.

i dont have pictures to post of my kids, see.

I'M a kid.


these people are mean. but sometimes they're not.

my family at school.

A good egg, is hard to find.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I dont get this.

But I will.

This kid was my friend in second grade. We kind of like each other now.