Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happiest Halloweenie?

Basically, whenever I post pictures on here, my leetle blogging friends tell me that they overlap, or something. But, this was our cute college familly halloween party! My roomates are all very good looking. The blonde one is Chelsea, whom I share a room and life with. She's probably getting married soonish. Like, for reals. ;) The cute serious one is our little Asian. Her name is Yujin Jong. She used to have us call her "Kate" but she likes her real name better :) Shes always yelling things in Korean and her and her friends cook us WAAAY good food somedays. They made rusk and this good beef soup last night. And they also came over and made us this good spicy soupy chicken potato veggie stuff over rice. I used to hate the smell of her food until I tried it! Korean Ramen is way better than the salty kind here, too. Little Batgirl Kim runs SUU cross country and Track. She is a such a pretty person and she just got her haircut and a new boyfriend. :) As for me, I just go to college and dress up like flappers or superheroes on occasion.


TIF said...

Thank you for introducing me to your roommates. Its good to meet them. I love your costume, well done sista. WELL DONE.

Graham and Kate said...

Yay for flappers, and a stylish on indeed!