Sunday, November 9, 2008

More than a Man. By Krista Nanette Smith

I cant help but think that the Savior is coming while I am still here on this planet in which we live.

I, have just jumped into college and it has opened my mind to things I have never thought about before.

I have learned to be a good listener. A patient person. An effective communicator, and a valuble person to society.

I have an opinion! And I have a voice! I may not use it all the time, But i think about what I say. And, I use what I say.

I was upset about the candidates for office so i was not planning on voting.

I went to vote at Crystal Inn in C-Darr, with my roommate. But, I did not have my ID and I just really mostly wanted to think a little about voting.

When My Aunt was "coincendently" voting, and my happy little middle child roomate just had a grin on her face standing in line I knew this was something that I needed to to as an American Citizen.

I have had bricks on my back. Many piles. Heaps and Bounds. My brother took them, and I am now even more excited about this fancy little ball that all of these people we know are running around on.

I have this Korean roomate. She is so sweet and cute. You must know this.

I went to a diversity panel the day after elections and the heat and the feeling in that room was so immense and beautiful and peaceful.

There was tension.

But, WE are America. And that is where we are blessed to live.

SO blessed.

There are people who would DIE to come here!

REALLY. Like Yujin! Yujin Jong!

And that, is why I voted for Sarah Palin.

As I sat on the free "internetted" crystal inn office chair, (trying to find information on something that would change my political views) I came upon a video of a little mother/cute lady named SARAH, and she was practicing her right to vote.

SHE SAID. I quote " If we dont win, I'll just be Sarah Palin from Alaska." As she said this tears almost came from her eyes. I could see the distress and grief that she had. She was worried. Worried about our struggling Nation.


I'll tell you why he won.

He represents freedom in this country. He represents the Slaves. The blacks. And everyone everywhere and inbetween things. Everyone wants peace. And everyone wants a Savior.

it reminds me of that little dance/jingle PEACE the world is round! except, you do your hands like a square, you know?

anyhow, I think. By what I know and what I have read....

that. We, as a Nation. Should support and recognize Mr. Barack Obama as our president, because he represents equals in our Nation.

I did want to vote for, and was all for PROP 8 because my sister who is close to me just moved to California.

I think that everyone needs to remember history, and how we are still making it today.

Abe Lincoln was a honest man right?

Well so is Sarah Palin, and shes also a citizen and a MOTHER.

This worlds formations, will soon be together. As one whole.

All the world really wants is PEACE, i think.


Graham and Kate said...

Well said! It's been very interesting to see the outcome of this election. I'm ashamed how many racial text and jokes there are out there. Come on people! We definitely do NOT need to go backwards, when we've come so far!

p.s.. yay you for updating your blog.. Even if you can't add pictures! :)

TIF said...

Krista, this is a beautiful thought. You're a wonderful person and I'm glad you are doing so well at voicing who you are and what you believe and the thoughts in your head.