Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen:

For those of you who thought the future had no soul, I give you: Mayer Hawthorne.

(thanks for the stellarfantastic birthday mix Tif)

And have you heard THIS?!

Oh, and my birthday festivity pictures will be posted shortly.
It's the last week of school, sorry for the delays.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

There's a cupcake wrapper on my CIS book.

I've been way too good at ignoring the class,and now it's piled up. I'm sorry for blogging so much about it, but the blahg is usually my escape from so. HOWEVER: Please pray that I pass CIS! I dont want to retake it or think about it ever again. Sarai was right. That class really does make you dumber. I'm home. Thank heavens. The lab scares me, even though it has those yellow vested angels that help you.

It turns out my brother and I attend the same school. Who would've known? I was running frantically to the crosswalk as it blurted out: (in a creepy voice, I might add) "WALK SIGN IS, ON!" Keep in mind that I only had seven seconds to run across the street before I got ran over. Then I hear a: "KREESTA!" (in a creepy Kurtis voice, i might add) And sure enough, my brother is waving out of his car window making a little poo smile. I returned the generous greeting. Once I was safely across the street, he yelled my name again as he passed: "KREESTA!" I called him up and asked what he was doing and he said he'd see me in a second. I was walking in the parking lot and then i heard him yelling my name again. Oh boy. My brother is great. It turns out he was headed to anatomy, so I walked him there. He convinced me to go talk to an advisor, which wasn't that helpful; but i did find out that I'll probably have my associates after Summer semester. Which is great because thats right before I'd leave for China if I end up going. However, if I end up being an EFY counselor, then I'll just get my associates after China? I'm not really in a hurry, so.

Yip Yip!

My friends and I have started a fantastic tradition of eating at Judds for lunch every Monday at noon. There's not enough room for us in there, so we usually take our soup and breadsticks over to the park and eat it. Not yesterday. For some suspicious reason, Judd's was closed. We all said that it was because they knew we were coming, but anyhow, it has become such a big deal that we had to make a sign to tell people that Judd's Monday was moved to 25 main. I seriously never have bad Mondays anymore. All the above photographs are from such festivities.

Also! Fantastic news!
The little hellions that i nanny for's mom informed me today that she isn't teaching next semester! Which means I wont be nannying next semester! Awesome. Goodbye cooking Macaroni and Cheese every Tuesday. Goodbye whiny leetle sweethearts. You really are so cute. But I am so glad that our time together has come to an end. Thank you for teaching me lots and lots of patience. You guys are great birth control. And you really should start believing in Santa.

I'm having a Birthday shindig on Friday! And you're invited. We're going to Krave and then we're going see Fantastic Mr. Fox. Come on guys! Two decades is kind of a big deal.

I dont have much to say about Thanksgiving, besides that it was weird. We ate our feast at the alumni house in Cedar, and none of my siblings were there. But it was okay because i got to see them that weekend because it was my nieces blessing. I'm currently wearing lola wear cause my feet were freezing, and my shirt that says: "I'm a Big Wheel in the Lunt Line". Hand-crocheted booties from my great auntie lola and a t-shirt that my grams gave me. So much for washing my hair today. I look like a hobo. I'm also drinking eggnogg and coke, a brother-in-law-learned tradition. This time we didn't have coke, so i substituted some Diet Pepsi with lime. It's kind of an interesting combo, but it cured the craving. I even listened to Amy Grant Christmas nonstop today. I dont have lots of shopping done. And although I went the night of Thanksgiving AND on Black Friday, it doesnt seem a whole lot like Christmas yet. Maybe it's because I spent Saturday morning barfing? But really,wasn't it just New Years?

I know that my sisters and Sam and Tif and everyone likes my hair short, but. It just started being long! And that's how it's gonna stay. Sorry guys, but it is mine. ALSO. I cut my own bangs. And i think they're a little too short, cause Kerrah and my mom were laughing at them like i was a three year old that had cut her own hair. I felt stylish on day one of my straight bangs, but now I feel embarrassed. So, I've been pining them back lately.

Also, I think its funny but kind of confusing when you poo and then you look in the toilet and theres nothing there.

And, I think that's it.