Friday, May 15, 2009

2:23 a.m.

is when I returned from the ER this morning.

the date is 5-15-2009. I hate fives. I really do. See what I mean?

It all started the other morning when i woke up with a horrible pain in my left side. But I guess that's not where it really started. I've had this pain before. I had an ultrasound for it like two or three years ago. Nothing found. I had it in Salt Lake a year ago and they took an x-ray and said it was a poop blockage and gave me a laxative for it. Thank you sir, but pooping all night apparently did not help.

So. I get this sharp, "worst pain of my life" pain again.

I'd just been taking advil so i could function and go to work, but last night things got real bad.

My mom went to go swimming with her little lady friend. The pain got significantly stronger while she was gone, so my Dad called a doctor in our ward, and he said to take me to the night light doctor (which is where little kids go to the doctor) to take a pee sample.

Good news. My pee was regular type. But they gave me a paper to get an ultrasound.

So. We drove around for a bit. We were gonna go to the ER and get it done, but dad said it was expensive and I wasn't in a lot of pain at the time.

So we went home.

Then i had the pain really strong again. After whining like a baby and doubling over in my bed for about a half an hour, my mom decided we were heading back to the ER.

I took my phone, a blankie, and a cup of water. Ha.

If you've never been to the ER, its not a REAL fun place. But its not as bad as people make it sound. I always pictured it with people bleeding everywhere waiting in long lines. But. I conveniently got there around midnight, so there was only us, some fresh prince of bel-air, and one other man friend in the waiting room.

They took me in, got my info, gave me an armband, and put me in a little room where i got to pee in a cup again AND got a way sweet hospital gown to change into. Then a little nurse man walked into the room and asked me some questions and took my temp. Then the actual doctor came in, asked questions, and decided to poke around on my belly. After he hit my feet, he came to the conclusion that this was not anything to do with bowels. He was nice enough to get me some drugs for the pain, and proceed with an ultrasound. Then he dissapeared forever and a younger little lady with marlin monroe scrubs and pink hair extentions came in to steal some of my blood and put an IV tube in me.

Keep in mind there are long amounts of time between me seeing these humans. During these times, I was usually hugging a pillow or asking my parents if they were having more fun than me.

Finally, a new lady in turqoiuse scrubs and long streaked hair came and took me away for a wheelchair ride to the ultrasound room. She started doing a regular ultrasound, but couldn't see anything because I hadn't drank enough water. (because of doctors orders) So, she asked if we could do a vaginal ultrasound. "eeeeeep. alright" I said, not caring what the poo they did to me as long as they figured out what the crap was wrong with me. So. She told me this thing she was about to stick in me was like a tampon. And I asked if I could see it. Folks, this was like no tampon I have ever seen before. No. This was like a giraffe head. A giraffe head plus a neck. Needless to say, she got some wonderful photos of my ovaries. And it was not the funnest experience of my life. But I still really appreciate that lady, and I told her so.

After she gave me another ride back into the little closet room where my parents were waiting, we did just that. Waited. And waited. Oh. And then we waited a little longer. We all almost fell asleep. It WAS around 2 a.m., afterall.

After a ka-jillion years, the doctor came back in. It turns out, I had a cyst on my ovary that burst, a swollen fallopian tube, and fluid in my pelvis. So, I get to go to the lady doctor for the first time today and I get to take the day off work for free. probono.

On a side note, I've had this song in my head for the past two days. I even hummed it on the way to the hospital. I love the part where she walks out of the building and theres colorful smoke and balloons everywhere. I hope this is the one that bleeps out the f word. Sorry if it isnt.

Anyways, happy day. I hope I dont have to get surgery next week. But if I do, I'll let you know. Sorry if this post was a little too graphic for you. Until then, love and peace from my bed.
I'll just be enjoying some good toast. Some good toast made by my mom.
I'm grateful for my parents, by the way. I thanked them for being my parents a lot last night.
and I'm also greatful for doctors. Even though they poke you.


Kerrah said...

Wow, rough night. Hope they fix you all better-FAST. Love you!!!

Hayee said...


tiffani said...

i am glad you know whats going on at least. man alive, my ovaries are covered with cysts, i certainly hope none of them burst.

or they all do all at once, so i can stop taking birth control! holy cow! do you have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome?

thats what i have. its the pits.

i love you seester.


Sorry to hear about your rough night. I hope you get feeling better soon. Take care!

Kylee said...

Sounds like quite the experience! I hope that they can figure out whats wrong so it doesn't happen again.

Im excited to hang out!