Sunday, May 31, 2009


35) I am thankful that church starts at more than one time, so you can find a farewell or ward to go to if you accidentally sleep in.
36) I am thankful for Ryan Olsens farewell talk today.
37) I am thankful that they still have firesides in the tabernacle. its real pretty in there.
38) I am thankful that Van pointed out the faux-hawk kid today and giggled with glee at him.
39) I'm thankful thatI gave Chelsey and Erin a ride to the fireside. they are sweet souls.
40) I'm thankful that Sarai knew we were going to the fireside, and that she brought her ipod since i forgot mine. I'm also greatful that her skirt had a pocket to hold my keys.
41) I am thankful that my nephew is wearing his cowboy pajamas right now, and that i only had to read ONE book tonight, instead of ten.
42) I am thankful that i get to work tomorrow.
43) I am thankful for whoever gets to steal my blood tomorrow.
44) I am thankful that my parents aren't the kind that would make me help pay for my surgery, and that when i offered to pitch in, they laughed like i was joking.
45) I am thankful for the song "what i'd say" by ray charles.

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