Sunday, May 31, 2009

I want to keep going.

1) I am thankful for days like today. Garage Saleing, Farmers Market, Consignment Store, a "Lets go swimming." Making a little money, and then a surprise dessert.
2) I am thankful that I drove home from work and dessert with the windows down jamming out to Ray Charles. So grand. SO grand. I love it when the esteegee air gets in your windows and tossles your hair a bit.
4) I am thankful for Mckenna Shay Mackelprang.
5) I am thankful for the song "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay.
6) I am thankful for letters. missionary letters. letters of love. letters of recommendation. thank you notes. etc.
7) I am thankful that my dad is growing his mustache back.
8) I am greatful for burts bees facewash.
9) I am greatful for hug smells. This might not make any sense to you, but when you hug someone, and they smell the same all the time? and everyone has their own smell? ahhh...mmm bliss. love it.
10) I am thankful that I got to help babysit my nephews this week.
11) I am thankful for the time I have been able to spend wth my family lately.
12) I am thankful for nightgowns. Especially magic ones.
13) I am thankful for boots that fit me.
14) I am thankful that the kid at the farmers market was way excited about selling me and sarai some matches. I almost felt bad for not buying any, and for laughing at him a bit afterwards.
15) I am greatful for the talents of others. I've always felt like I haven't found "MY THING" and it sucks. But I'm glad other people have theirs.
16) I am greatful for the word lovely. My mom usually uses it sarcastically. but i think that being called lovely is one of the best compliments a girl can get. "you're lovely" in a manly voice is just, ah. soo good!
17) I am greatful for my little defamsbue, Sarai Trueblood.
18) I am greatful that me and Tif are friends no matter what. Probably because we aren't friends, were sisters.
19) I am thankful that linds and han get home soon so they can tell me about their china adventures.
20) I am thankful for my said China adventure, awaiting to happen for me next year.
21) I am thankful for real love.
22) I am thankful for my hammock. Sometimes I think i could just stay there for my whole life. But then I finally get out and do something productive.
23) I am greatful that Sarai's mom can wear a bikini and look good in it.
24) I am greatful for beautiful movies. That are just pretty to look at because of the way they're filmed. Like Amelie and The Village, etc.
25) I am greatful that I get to get surgery on Wednesday. I want to know what this pain really is, and i'm glad to live in a time where we have the technology to find out so.
26) I'm thankful I was born in 1989. I always wish I could live in the fortys or fifties. And sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a pioneer. And then I start thinking about it and realize that I'm thankful for the time that I am allowed to be here. I am here at the time I'm supposed to be. My p-blessing even says so. That I was held in the heavens for thousands of years, just waiting. And I am so glad. I love this world, so much, so far.
27) I am thankful that i can sing. and that anyone can sing. today when i turned off my car to get gas, i just continued singing out loud as I filled my car up, not caring who heard me. who cares who thinks you can sing or not. SING!
28) I am thankful for debit cards. It makes getting gas less creepy.
29) I am greatful I got to cuddle with Carlie at Ben's Farewell. And that I got to see long lost friends like Sabrina.
30) I am so greatful for Missionaries. MAYBE I'll be one someday. I hear I am one. But I dont feel like a legit one. It just feels so good to spread the good news.
31) I am thankful Ricky let me borrow "The Message" even though it sorta creeped me out last night.
32) I am thankful for light. the light that i can flip on, and the light that is in every one of us. the light that radiates from the sun. the light from the computer screen that helps me type one of these :) instead of one of these :(
33) I am greatful that my nephew is either a cowboy or some type of animal, and not a nephew.
34) I am greatful that I have a really friendly niece who says hi to everyone and calls me "SEETA"

46) I am greatful that I have a nephew who doesent really understand what I say to him, cause when I do say stuff to him its usually a kind insult. like: "Hello little nerd nugget"
47) I am greatful that I have a wussy little nephew that I am going to make stronger by repeatedly beating him up. Not for reals, guys. I just finally have kids to pick on!
48) I am greatful for the twins. They are leetle gems from heaven. Seriously. Even when they cry its cute.
49) I am greatful that I have another niece on the way. I swear theres always another baby on the way.
50) Woah. This was REALLY easy today. I am thankful that Tif inspired me to do this. I want to keep going.

3) I am greatful for mistakes. Because you get to learn from them, even if they are your favorite number.

woah. its pretty late and I'm apparently tired. I did go to kindergarten guys, and I CAN count. But i totally forgot 35-45. No wonder it was so easy. I blame it partly on the darkness and not being able to see the keyboard. At least I'm thankful right? We'll make a deal. I'll do 35- 45 tomorrow, when i'm not senile.

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