Wednesday, August 26, 2009


parking on dixie campus= very scarce.

yoga class= early. but good.

the three wakefeilds that I nanny for? SO cute. and SO crazy.

warning about registration on the second day of school= no good.

learning about happiness in family relations=interesting and lovely.

meeting kind library boy=way good!

weird institute teacher=not good.

in and out with tif for lunch=good.

math= okay.

math book and family relations book= coming soon. (i hope)

beholding magic tonight=good.

date with kind library boy friday night= YES!

today better than yesterday? YES.

new institute teacher? YES. please and thanks.

texts from my korean? good.

closing for the first time at work tomorrow? good/scary

college funds? could be anywhere right now.

me? content and :D

the average of my experience at DSC so far? GOOD.

my room? calling my name to come clean it.

mailbox? really wants a missionary reply.
I sent out eight. We'll see who wins.

thee, end.


Fashionably Kate said...


date with library boy=fantastic.


Amelia Hunt said...

Your blog is the best!

tifsong said...

oh how i love thee.

Anonymous said...

Your college life sounds fun!
I decided to enroll in two institute classes to occupy my time while I'm still around. But. I love both my teachers.

Hayee said...

what the!
how do you do it?
I never meet cute library boys that take me on dates. yesterday? good work. very good work.

Jessica said...

Krista, I love your posts! Sounds like everything is going well! Best of Luck.

Kylee said...

Good work.

You are cute and a little toot.

This post takes me Dixie. Big time. It's weird that it was like 6 years ago for me. Weird.

Stephanie said...

Krista I found you! :)