Sunday, November 1, 2009

On a Sunday.

I was probably four back then. When I gave you the full name of
Rosey Tiger Meowers Smith
And now, I'm almost twenty.
So you were about... 16 years old?
You lived quite the life.

A good long life.
I'm sure you're happier now.

"Oh, she really was the greatest cat"
-Izac Van Dorn

"She used to be so cute. Lets remember her like that. She was so nice too."
-Kerrah Van Dorn

Sorry for torturing you and dressing you in doll clothes and sticking you in my tricycle basket. I only stuck those potato bugs in your mouth because I thought you liked potatoes.

Izac's right. You really were the greatest cat. Thanks for being my friend and stuff.

I love you Rosey.
See you soon.
x 0 x o


Kurtis and Iva said...

What!? Tiger Rosy has passed on? Ben will be sad.

Kylee said...

Oh Rosey. We will miss you! We really did love you! I hope you aren't too sad Krista. Rosey really was probably the only cat I have ever even liked. Rest in peace Rose.

tifsong said...

i think this is a beautiful tribute.
are you okay?

The Jones' said...

I really can't stop thinking about little Rosy Tiga. I remember when you got her like it was yesterday! RIP Rosie, you were loved by many!

Brinlee, Kyle, and Kimber said...

Wow! Rosy lived for a very long time. She was a beautiful kitty and will be missed by an entire neighborhood and people who have moved away from that said neighborhood. :) Love you Rosy. Love you Krista.

"Gram" said...

I am freakin' bawling right now! I remember the night we went and got those damn kittens!!! That is sooo sad!! I didn't know, and you are so cute!!! RIP Rosie Tiger!!!