Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's currently 1:37 a.m.

and i just submitted an assignment to my science teacher.
oh, school.
it is really going great.
I'm loving this semester so far.
It's supposed to rain everyday this week.
I kinda love it. It reminds me of Europe even though it makes it feel late and early all at the same time.
I must say, I abandoned the blahg for quite some time. Starting school does that to you.
I feel as though I'm too late to post about my birthday, and the holidays, and i dont really make new years resolutions because they just break. But i make goals. I am always making goals. And hey, it's still January, right? I'm not even late. Looking back on 2009, I thought I had experienced an uneventful year with no real milestones. But after pondering upon the subject, here's what I came up with. Enjoi.

IN 2009:
* I completed my first year of college @ SUU. And passed ALL of my classes.
* I moved home to Dixie, and completed my second fall semester of College. I passed all of my classes, minus one.
* I survived my first real surgery.
* I survived a roll over car wreck.
* I didn't kiss any men on the lips, but I kissed 2 on the forehead.
*I had the best birthday. ever. I'm not even exaggerating. It is really the best I have had in all of my 20 years.
*I drove to provo for the 1st time by myself.
* My hair grew longer.
* I more than doubled the amount of nuggie poos in my life. I am the proud owner or four neices and three nephews. Good work with the reproduction brother and sisters!
* I sent out at least 12 missionaries. Most girls only send out one

As for my goals thus far.

*pass math.
*gym class at least twice a week.
*read the book of mormon again.
*travel to China.
*kiss a boy on the lips, instead of the forehead.
*persuade sister to have another baby kid.
*dont get in any car wrecks.(knock on wood)
*dont have to have surgery again.
*have way good hair.

Welp, maybe once the laptop is done having a viral infection I'll add pictures to this post.
until then, x.0.


communikate. said...

yep. you totally inspired me on the thankful list.

i hope you get your kisses and china this year.

Samuel Hardman Taylor said...

wait. You kissed someone else on the forehead!

Kylee said...

it better be kerrah you're trying to persuade.

Lex said...

lovin your blog :)