Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well, this is great.

When I got to Chelsea's apartment she was still wearing her nightgown. Well, it was really more of a Mumu, but it was beautiful. After some mumbling, we headed to the gym. We friggin' jump roped, did sit ups with weight balls on those big bouncy balls, went on the eliptical for four miles, and then we went on the weight machines. We are so fit. Then. We went to her apartment and changed into our temple attire and cruised to the templar. They first told us that it'd be an hour wait, but momentarily informed us that it would instead be fifteen minutes to get us in. So choice! We got confirmed and baptized, dip dip dip dip dip. I think the first person i was confirmed for didnt accept it. That's never happened to me before, it was like when you're falling in a dream and then you jump and wake up. Like there was some sort of resistance. Weird. Anyways, the spirit was luckily dense for the other ones. After being at the temple for at least an hour an a half we were starved. We headed to jimmy jimmy jimmy johns where i engulfed a #6 vegetarian, a cookie, and a coke. AND THEN. We were still hungry so we split a slim four with cheese and mayo. Hope it didn't defeat our gym purposes. When I was pulling out of Jimmy Johns, I thought that I ran it over. It is a tiny store afterall. But luckily it was just a red little pole. Hopefully my parents don't read this soon, but if they do they'll be pleased with the beauty of the scratch. It's one of the best I've seen. After shrugging my shoulders, I decided I relly needed a mumu like Chelsea's. So we went to Kmart and I bought one for $7. Deal! We decided Kmart was too creepy for our liking, and their make up was overpriced, so we then ventured to Wal Mart. We bought awesome things. Namely: herbal essences shampoo and conditioner, a cover stick, lady things, yarn (for booties), food, facewash and Vampire Weekends new cd CONTRA. When we were in the food section I kept dancing to the song "Diplomat's Son" because I had it in my head and I was excited to listen to it. People kept shaking their heads at me because i was dancing all through the aisles while Chelsea gathered some grocery goods. When we were in the produce section, she asked me how to get her little onion bag apart. (you know the little thin clear ones provided for fruits and veggies that are always static-ee?) so i grabbed it and in my effort to shake it open, my phone catapulted across the floor. "SHIII" said some weirdie man that was checking out my dance moves earlier. Lets just say it was quite the scene. My cute little green re-claim shot up in the air in slow motion and did a perfect front flip. I was instantly laughing, but shrugging my shoulders and saying "I drop it daily, notta problem." Guys. My last phone lasted me three years. But now I'm depressed. The keys will light up and i can call people and answer phone calls. But the screen doesnt work at all, and its not even cracked. I was depressed for quite some time. I came home and my parents told me that I sent and recieved 5,579 text messages in the last 25 days. Mayhaps I just need a break from texting? I promise I do other things, like going to school and work. I just like socializing, okay? Anyways, broken electronics wont get me down. I came home before nine o' clock tonight AND last night. And it's the weekend! Does this mean I'm getting old? Or am I just sleepy from the Pheonix concert a few nights back? (which by the way-was soo great.) Anyhew, I modeled my new mumu for my mom. She was so jealous. I also dance partied to CONTRA in it. I gave her a free performance. She could hardly look at me.


communikate. said...

whoa. that's a lot of wonderfulness in one little post.

i'm happy that you loved phoenix. i can't wait to enjoy the goodness as well.

and a mumu eh? is this a new style i should pick up. we too have a local lovely {ahem. white trash} kmart nearby. i may have to meander through it one of these days!

oh, and v.w. very good album. i've enjoyed it throughly these past few weeks.

Kylee said...

I think you are a little coookie. Sorry about the phone. Maybe it couldn't handle it's second crash. Oh and the car, you should tell. It's worse when you wait. Just don't rear end anyone or you will pay. I did. Real fun. Anyways toot. Somedays I think you are strange. All days I think you are awesome. That's all.

Chelsea said...

well, alright.

you are the bees knees. and even the cat's pajamas. i hope you're little toad phone will start hoppin' here soon.

love you.

communikate. said...


go to 343 s. 600 e

in the neck of old

there you will stumble upon a home that was once ours.

the yard is ghetto, but the house is charming. i miss it.