Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am so thankful for:

1) John Scott Pugh. I dont think he'll ever know how much I truly value his friendship. He is so kind to me and gives me the greatest advice. He always makes me laugh until I cry. He's my home away from home and I appreciate him bucketloads. I love our long phone calls. He is the best, man. AND he smells like a fruitsnack. It's not half priced chicken! It's a cupcake.

2) Miss Erika Lindquist. The silly girl with curly hair from sixth grade that I havent seen in seven years and BOOM! were best friends. We like the same kind of music, and she tells me about her New York adventures, her hasidic jew neighbor and her cute little nanny kid and she is just so funny and brightens my day everyday, all the time. She moves back to St. George May 8th and I cannot cannot wait.

3) Melysa Christensen. Oh wow. This woman is so lovely and classy and full of life. She makes me want to go play and sing in the sunshine because thats just what she is. The sunshine of my life.

4) Miss Danni Springer. Oh hi. We were friends in third grade. Cool. She is the best friend to me and is always just so bubbly, a good listener, and is so wise. She helps me with my science and puts up with my random comments. She is the greatest and I'd like to keep her forever please.

5) Chelsea Bryant. Is kinda like a nightgown. Shes just weird and fantastic and pretty all at the same time. And she talks to me about how life is also all of those things. I love that we can just talk and do nothing and its fun. We did live together for a year afterall. And no matter how weird she can be, I love her to the pluto and back. And that's pretty far I think.

6) Tiffani Herpel. I am quite one hundred percent that we were best friends in heaven, and I know that Heavenly Father placed us perfectly together in this life. I am so flattered when people ask if we're sisters. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She is talented with her words and a talented artist. She is a beautiful beautiful person that everyone should know. Because once you know her, you're her friend.

7) Elder Eric Liebhardt. Because its good to know at least one missionary has a crush on you.

8) Samuel Hardman Taylor. Sam wont ever stop being Sam and that is whats truly fantastic about him. He wont change for anyone. And I wouldn't want him to. I like him best as him. He is wacky and wise and silly and I just love him. He was my shoulder to cry on in Cedar and I will always value him as a person and as my friend. He has the most beautiful teeth my eyes have ever seen and the yummiest forehead I have ever kissed.

9) My mom. She is becoming so hip. Like, the hippest mom on the block probably. She texts AND facebooks now. That is proof that miracles happen. I love her to no end. She is the reason I'm alive and the reason I try to be the best I can be. Because thats exactly what she does. And I believe she is the best she can be. Because she just is, the best.

10) My Dad. He's real nice and always asks me how my day went. He calls me punkin and kisses my head. He gives the greatest hugs and lets me drive the car he owns even when I forget to pay him for insurance. I love watching him as a grampa. I know he will be the best gramps to my kids someday. And I cant wait because my kids are gonna be his favorite because I'm his favorite.

11) Kerrah Van Dorn. Man alive this woman has energy and spunk. I still remember crusing around with her in her blue neon while jamming to Ace of Base. And she is still that cool, only cooler. Cause now its a honda pilot loaded with carseats and kids bop. I know her kids are well taken care of because she was the greatest mom to me when I was little. She would tickle my arm and sing "somewhere over the rainbow" to me so I'd fall asleep. That song will always make me think of her.

12) Kurtis Smith. Man. This man. He is so handsome. And so funny. And has the biggest heart I've seen. Well. I havent seen his heart, but he has seen a heart. I could never do what he does and I just look up to him so much. I still remember is Michael Jordan imitations and playing pogs in his room. He will always be the coolest. He'll never let me forget that.

13) Kylee Fackrell. This woman has such a creative brain. She is so artsy fartsy and is always doing what's cool. She is always the first to come up with spectacular ideas and then I swear everyone just copies her. She has the best style and the best hair. And is the best lady. We used to share a bunkbed and she used to save me from the aliens that I thought were coming to get me.

14) My middle name. Because no one can ever guess it and it makes me laugh. And I dont know anyone else that has it. So choice!

15) Mayer Hawthorne. I think he's the only white guy on earth that has as much soul as Stevie Wonder. Wow. He is such a handsome nerd. I might just be in love. Handsome nerds are my favorite. Could it be that his love was meant for me? Maybe so, Maybe no. Dont be scurred. SO GOOD.

16) Broken Bells. Why did these two fantastics never collide before? I'm so glad they decided to. They are happiness and give me and my car the chills.

17) Dent May. Serenade me with your Ukulele just one more time.

18) Erin Howard. She always makes me feel good about myself no matter what. She is a truly talented piano player. I'm so happy for our closeness and since the wreck I know more what it means to have her in my life. Life is so fragile and we are truly blessed souls to still be bee boppin around. She is a rare and true gem that I will keep in my treasure chest for a long long time.

19) Missionary Letters. I check my mailbox everyday for mail from my missionaries.
I. LOVE. MAIL. It makes me soar.

20) Benjamin Stratford. Because he just has the prettiest sparkliest eyes and I think it's just cause he loves Jesus so much. He used to have Austrailia on the back of his neck. Cool. He is the nicest and weirdest and i just like him a lot. Work is always better when he's around.

21) The change of plans. Who needs them anyways? They never turn out how you plan.

22) My new calling. I almost just called it a cooling. Because I have the coolest calling ever. Ward Photographer. How hip is that?

23) The knowledge that I can be with my family forever. Nothing makes me happier than that.

24) Grandma Smith. Man alive, she not only made the best licorice caramels around just for me; but she gave the greatest hugs. The kind you could sink into like a waterbed. And they always smelled the same. Grandma smelled like eternity before she even got to heaven. And I'm sure shes just dancin' up there with Clark Gable like Tif said. Watching over me all the days and being sweet like always.

25) Saying a prayer and having the answer you needed come directly to you through a scripture. Like it was written to and for you. How beautiful is that?

26) 25 main cupcakes with friends after baptisms at the temple. bliss.

27) tree blossoms.

28) Courtney Nicholls. She is the daintiest, cleverest cutie I ever talked to. She is just the cutest. And she is an artist. Filling the world with color again just like color TV. Cute seems like not enough of a word for her. But thats just what she is. CUTE. Adorable? ah! I could just squeeze her. But then she might break. So i wont.

29) I'll leave 29 for you. I am thankful for you. If you read this, know that I'm thankful that you care enough about me to read my blabby blurbbing blebs.

30) LOVE. It's magic and makes the world go round.
Along with gravitational physics and myself. Courtney even said.


communikate. said...

don't be scurred.. ha ha. he does have LOADS of soul!

it's true. kylee is uber creative and unique. i aspire to be like her someday!

good thankfuls lady!

tifsong said...

i love you.
thank you.

tifsong said...

i just gave you an award!
go here to claim it :)

We're not robots. said...

im love #25. the coolest indeed!

Lanette said...

I'm thankful for you!

Val said...

kreeesta smith. I always forget about your blog and then I remember and then I am happy. Hey you, we will be living in the same city in a month. Cool, huh? You are a beautiful soul and I appreciate you sharing this beauty with the world.