Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I just deleted like TEN comments from asian pornographers. Or asian someones. Please. Asian commenters. Asian whoever you are: Find someone else's blog to comment on!
p & t.

people sometimes say: "update your blog kiddo. "and then I don't know what I'm supposed to tell you. OH! I know: I have never been able to come up with a proper header or NAME for my blog. You should give me ideas if you have any. You should also tell me how to get one of those live feed things that tell you when people you like make new posts. I also dont have a follow button. what does it mean to follow ones blog anyhow?
ahem, kiddo.
HUM. in lighter news, here is a preview of my newest tall dark and handsome. his name is Ben and i approve of him. do you? oh and that's me as well, but it doesn't matter if you approve of me or not. this is us being celebratory on the third of July. and today is our one month celebration.

I don't know what else I'm supposed to say besides summer is happy and busy.

and thanks for your blog help!



communikate. said...

i struggle with the followers thing. i put it on the blagh and take it off. currently it's off. i feel like it's a bit of a popularity thing.

i also hate when people beg you to "follow" them on the blagh? why? do you get a prize for how many you have? i

so as for the updated links of friends just go under dashboard
add a gadget
blog list {or blogroll as some call it}
and then put in the url of your favorite bloggers.

ta dah. easy peasy. my dear.

oh and i do approve of your boy. but you already knew that.


document this time in your life. i promise you'll be so glad you did. i had a journal {old school right} of all my nights hanging out with friends in college and such. i stopped right before i met graham dizzle. i'm so sad that i didn't record how i felt about him and what we did in our early dating days.. {not that i'm saying you're going to marry him. just document that you hung out with him!}


i'm done.

Stephanie said...

Just so you know, I always LOVE your blog posts! They're cute and clever and original and KRISTA! Ben is cute. Glad you're happy! Miss yer cutie face!

tifsong said...

krista. i'm sorry about the chinese pornographers. maybe they are just trying to be the new pornographers and failing miserably. i really do love you blog. everytime.

and i love ben.
he's handsome and he's making you happiest. win win win go fight win.

blog more. because i'm leaving.
also because i need to know more about your life. or just call me.

kate is totally right and true about documenting your life. you are going to want to remember and refer to how you feel right now at this very moment.


Val said...

I never did thank you for this delightful post. I like it when you update The Blahg. You should know you are a beautiful person with lots to offer this good world. You, dear Krista, make me happy. Thanks.