Monday, July 26, 2010

jitter bug.

i deleted my music thing on my blog.
i liked it alright. but i realized whenever i go to someone else's page i usually turn their music dealie off because its blares in my speakers and it is not my music. and then i have your music and my music playing all at the same time and it just isn't a pleasant combination. i'm not sure if i like it better silent yet, but you probably do.

i feel weird.
i'm jittery lately.
i dont know why i feel so stressed out but its probably because i just found out that i've been spelling "grateful" wrong sometimes.
for some reason i thought you could spell it both ways. greatful. grateful.
guys. its grateful. like grated cheese.

what i need, is to apply for some free money for college via obama.

i had a dream last night that i got called on my mission to New Jersey. and for some reason my dad was scared. it'd be cool though, cause thats where Seester Pallas is.

i was forced into playing a card game last night. i am no gamer. and i am certainly not a video gamer. alright alright. i liked playing mario on my brothers oldschool gameboy, crash bandicoot, mario kart, and sonic when i was younger. but i just do not understand the excitement that this boy i know has for this video game to come out. starcraft 2. midnight. i dont care about this, and i usually wouldn't even know about it. but i will tell you one thing. i might not see my boyfriend ever again after tonight. i guess that's what i get for dating handsome nerds.

my left light on my car is out. a copper with some flashing lights was happy to let me know this even though i already knew it. will you tell my dad to fix it?

i also want you to know, that if weirdies (in my case mysterious asians) comment on your blog: there IS hope.
i know how to fix it. ask me.

i really dont want to go to work today.
i'd rather just continue sitting here on my bum in my grandmother's mumu. that's all i've really done today anyways. summer is for lounging, right? someday i will do my laundry and clean the nest mess off my bed. until then, i have to get ready for work. dumb. high hopes that tomorrow will be more productive.

peaches and cream,



Mary Dawn said...

ok. i totally know what you're talking about with the music thing haha. but i can't bring myself to remove my music yet... also. i love you. and i saw your dad at little caesars the other day.

tifsong said...

i'm glad you removed it (teh muzick), because now i can look at your blog at work.

you're so cute.

Seagull Dream said...

grateful like grated cheese, and gratitude!

Hey. I like you too. It's been a long time.

Chelsea said...

Wow. I love you a lot. You write just how you speak. And I think that is a great thing. It makes everything you say real. You are great. Really, really great. Let's play so soon!