Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happiest Date of Birth, you Sparkley Raptor-head, Baby-belly!

Oh, Seester. Look how cool we used to be. Now we're getting so old. 24, right? I sure hope so. And you almost have two kids? Weird. Anyways, I hope your day is like a merry go round with cotton candy and a yellow balloon at the end. And maybe a taco time hat as well. Also I'm sorry that your birthday fell on a Sunday this year. It's sometimes unfortunate when that happens. Sorry that I always wanted to copy you when I was little, its just because you're so cool.
"Happiest date of birth sister dear,happiness will come to you all year, if i had a wish then it would be, a happy happy birthday to you from me!"
that was a song. that i just sang. for you. yep.


Hayee said...

you look so much like Aurie in those pictures. (Happy birthday Kylee!)

Fashionably Kate said...

I love that picture! What cute sisters you are! :)

Kylee said...

Ahhhh...Thanks sister! Love ya!

Hayley is right, Auri looks like you! :)