Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh, and guys,

In case you were wondering.
because I was wondering...

It was a TUMOR. just, hanging out in my twisted, kinked, and dead fallopian tube.

and yes, they did take it outta there for me. I'm quite sure about this part, because I asked the nurse at least eighteen times in the recovery room.


i'm alive.
and can still reproduce!
with my one happy ovary and my one happy fallopian tube.

Yipee! They best stay happy. I like them better that way.

happy ovary(ies)=happy kids.

plus my patriarchal blessing says i'm having some.

lets just hope they're tumor and kink-free.

at least we know they'll be good looking.


Kate said...

Wow...seriously a tumor?! I'm so happy things are better now!

Fashionably Kate said...

Umm... SCARY! Glad you're going to be okay though.

Kylee said...

Yes, they will be good looking! And yes, you will have them.