Saturday, June 27, 2009

Little Pieces.

Little tiny pieces.
all jumbled in a pile.
one is a heart for love.
its chucked a million miles.
its battered, torn and trampled,
but still has a real big smile.

another is a little cube,
all perfect on the sides.
not perfect from the in,
but in her you confide.
she works and works and works and works,
and she will find the him.
she's got the beauty and the faith,
and she will surely win.

one is a never ending circle.
spinning round and round.
always coming back and forth,l
ike a swing.
but hardly makes a sound.
soon it will have adventures,
and roll into the one.
but for now it simply swings,
and pokes around at fun.

another is a twisted sunny triangle.
with an angle lost.
but soon it will be replaced.
soon it will be forgot.
for now she sings sweet happiness,
because it's hers to own.
shes twisted and she's tossled,
but never losing hope.

and there's other new ones too,
all round and square and bent.
these random broken pieces,
were surely heaven sent.


Kerrah said...

just what is this about dear, and is it one of your works of words?

photography by Mikki said...

I really, really like you and I am constantly blown away by the genuine creativity of you Smith women. Please get married so I can take your pictures:)